Stas can not miss any injections

Ulcerative colitis (disease of the mucous membrane of the colon) and Crohn’s disease (gastrointestinal tract) – the group of inflammatory bowel diseases. Chronic. Disease rare. Their causes are still not identified. Medications needed by the patients for pain relief are very expensive. They and their families can’t buy them yourself. Stanislav Kondratyuk really need the medicine.

Wrote all control and the hospital

Gray-eyed, smiling and incredibly charming. It was loved by all the teachers and all the girls in the kindergarten group. He endeared himself to teachers and classmates. 12-year-old Stanislav, a very polite young man: he knows how to compliment, give a hand, to open the door. And the tulips and gifts for the girls that like him yet helps to choose the mother, because “woman” and “understand”.

He loves his city – Stary Oskol. Likes to walk in the woods near the house, because “they grow beautiful flowers”. Likes to go mushroom picking with the family, fishing with dad at the cottage with friends. And walk in the arboretum and the zoo where we live the good elephant and the bear Baloo.

Loves red lazy cat Boris and his “girlfriend” Alice found in the shelter, who carefully catches mice. Love French bulldog Vensent, which his family simply called a Broom. And still loves to roll down a hill on a Bicycle or scooter when the wind is in your face. And walk in the rain with an umbrella…

He knows a few chords on the guitar, teaches English, loves Russian and literature, because they it is easy to provide. He draws with colored pencils and crayons. And loves to listen to music “in the mood”.

And vacations like – like any student. Now Stas – vacation. He finished fifth grade at one of the five. Wrote all test and control and came to Moscow in children’s clinical hospital, where injections, tests, doctors… Again. Stas ulcerative colitis, with which he fights the last nine years. The maximum period of remission for all this time – six months.

A strict diet and one in the chamber

“When Stas was three, we noticed blood in the stool. First surveyed in the city, then in the regional center. Went to Voronezh and other nearby major cities. Gastroenterologist in Belgorod suspected ulcerative colitis. Some time the diagnosis was under question. Stas wrote out the candles, antibiotics. The positive effect was short-lived, but then again, blood in the stool. To this was added an abdominal pain. The test results started to deteriorate. It was evident that the disease progresses.

To confirm the diagnosis we were sent to Moscow in RDKB. Stas was five…” – says the mother of singer, Natalie.

Stas did a colonoscopy – examination of the inner surface of the colon with an endoscope. The diagnosis of “ulcerative colitis” was confirmed.

“I have all the Internet “read”, a lot of doctors talking. The cause of the disease can not be called one. From food intake it is certainly not independent. It is an autoimmune disease. Appears as follows: frequent stools up to 10-15 times a day, liquid, mixed with blood, mucus, sharp changes in temperature in the morning normal, in the evening – to 39.6, low hemoglobin, the child is easily tired, he’s weak, he’s very pale, spasmodic pain in the abdomen. According to this analysis, it is seen that the body is a powerful inflammation,” says Natalia.

Stas it is prohibited. You cannot have everything you want, so the doctor prescribed him a strict diet. You can’t be in crowded places, especially in the period of exacerbation of the disease, because there is a risk of catching an infection. A normal child who recover from a cold or flu, after a course of treatment, quickly recovers. But Stanislav, even a slight cold, and infection can cause very serious complications.

To minimize the risk, Stas three years ago was transferred to home schooling. With friends he often communicates via the Internet and by phone.

“Imagine a child 12 years of age: he wants communication, and he had to sit alone in a closed room or in the hospital, – says Natalya. – How many Stas just passed over the years… He changed several times therapy. Change – like the body responds, as stabiliziruemost, and then again everything starts anew. The last 3 years he was treated with the drug “Remicade” – dripped every six months. After droppers Stas better. But a long remission is still not there”.

Stas can not miss any injections

In Moscow for treatment of Stas and his mother came once or twice a year. Several times lying at the Morozov hospital, several times at the hospital. At the end of March this year, the Stas had a cold and was in intensive care. “Remicade” he was administered at the maximum dosage, but still 2 months could not stop the disease. “Sent us to Moscow once again. The doctors at the hospital decided to transfer the Stas on “Humira”,” – says Natalia.

“Humira” is a very expensive drug, but only because it can cause remission. Single subcutaneous injection of 40 to 70 thousand. The drug has to be administered every two weeks. For life. The disease is incurable, relapsing. Skip the injection life-threatening Stas. At the hospital he was already given two injections of the drug. The first time just four shots, second time two. Further treatment he will receive at home.

The drug is to be given at the place of residence for free. But it will take time to allocated money and ordered the drug. It may take 2-3 months or half a year. But Stas can not miss any injections. He needs your help right now. For an ordinary family is a very heavy money.

You can help one-time or subscribe to a regular monthly donation of 100, 300, 500 and more rubles for the “Crown”, in which children and adults with Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are assisted in obtaining the necessary treatment.

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