Stolen goods in the temple in heaven will not fall: the faithful of Vinnytsia don’t want to ptsu

A prayer vigil at the building of the Vinnytsia court

To protect the UOC to the building of the Vinnytsia court came and former parishioners taken Metropolitan. Simeon Cathedral.

Believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the city of Vinnitsa not agree with the actions you do in the service of Metropolitan Simeon (Ostacolo), including those who previously were regular churchgoers occupied the Cathedral.

“We, the parishioners of the former Cathedral, which she had left because now, at this time, there are dissenters. Who seized power, lie seized the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. It’s illegal,” – shared with the SPM participants in prayer vigils at the courthouse, which had to consider the claim of Archbishop Simeon.

People said that he had come there to support the UOC.

“Our canonical Church, and we will defend (approx. ed.)” – commented on the events one of the participants standing.

The act of Archbishop Simeon of Vinnitsa residents took extremely painful.

“About Shostakove? He is not our Lord. He left us. When I called, that he went there… You know what, maybe I’m not the only one, but how many people just crying… We cried… It is impossible to say, beyond words… a Man… Yes, you gather us, say “I decided”… explain to us as a loving father… But that man is not a believer and the godless. Only man is a coward and without God could do such a thing, as we did,” spoke about his feelings about what happened in the diocese of Vinnytsia another former parishioner at Holy Transfiguration Cathedral.

Did not remain without attention of the residents of Vinnytsia and strange coincidence – the hearing was cancelled due to illness of the judge, however, neither the plaintiff nor his representative also failed to appear at the appointed time.

“It is possible that this lawsuit was filed to block the work of the diocese of Vinnytsia”, – said the lawyer Alexander Shabatura.

Pripojenie UOC prayed at the courthouse and for the health of the judge. Sergey Fedchishin got sick soon after it turned out that he had to consider the claim of the Metropolitan Simeon.

In connection with the events in Vinnytsia diocese of the Metropolitan of Tulchin and Bratslav Jonathan expressed confidence in the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the head of the Vinnytsia diocese. “Not the business of secular courts to decide who of the hierarchs to lead the Vinnytsia diocese,” said Bishop Jonathan.

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