Stretches out legs

December 10 is the international day of animal rights. Yes, animals have rights! Like you, our furry friends want to be loved and not hurt. And they will respond to affection and will teach you something very important. You just watch for them!

Do you like Pets? Me too. Our family favorite — the cat Murzik. Purr is his favorite occupation. But his fondest desire is to be near us. You know how our kitty checks if it is close to us is? Will not believe — the outstretched paw! If his foot touches face and Murzik can lick us in the nose, it curls up in a ball and falls asleep. And if not, our pet does not calm down as long as he was not allowed on this distance. And to counter this it is simply impossible!

Looking at our kitten, I realized that we need to follow his example. Yes, don’t laugh! We need to go all out to strive to be close to God and not to rest until we come to It very, very close. Come to Jesus “on the tips of your feet” and you’ll see — you’ll be the happiest man on earth!

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