Study: Post-Millennials in Britain are more open to faith than their elders – Your Bible

Post-Millennials are more open and receptive to the faith than older generations, according to a ComRes survey about the perception of religion in the UK.

Adult Britons aged 25 to 34 years are most likely to say they regularly attend Church (11 percent), compared with 10% of people older than 65 years, reports the Christian megaportal with reference to the Christian Today.

The study showed that only 10% of the population agree with the statement that “religion has a negative impact on society,” and 44% agree that they have a positive experience with Christians and Christianity.

Half the adult UK population (51%) disagree that Christians are a negative force in society.

The results of the study came out simultaneously with the release of the book “Faitheism” Dr. Krish Candida. He explains the possibilities of mutual cooperation between Christians and atheists.

“We have every reason to think positively and creatively about attracting the younger generation,” he told Christian Today

Krish Kandy noted that the “new atheists” are older, such as Richard Dawkins, still have a voice in the public debate.

“I’m trying to move the debate and show how we can build a common position,” — he stressed.

Krish Candida — founder and Director of the charity Home for Good and charity Ambassador Christian humanitarian organization Tearfund. Speaker, consultant and social entrepreneur. Together with his family lives in Oxfordshire, UK.

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