In Asia “CBN Indonesia” annually organizes the so-called Day of dedication. It is a holiday, during which the leaders of regional offices of CBN in Southeast Asia and Korea I thank God for the success of the previous year and ask for guidance for the year ahead.

At the beginning of each year, the leaders of the CBN from Myanmar, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia are going to the Day of dedication, to celebrate God’s faithfulness. They ask God about the direction for service and re-dedicate my life to Him to serve on.

“CBN Indonesia” emerged in 1998, but only in 2012, her staff made the step of faith to open the CBN center outside of Indonesia. First in Myanmar, where in the same year began democratization.

“Now, the CBN Ministry in Myanmar is fantastic. Obviously, we have to play an important role in this remarkable period when God begins a new era of openness and democracy in Myanmar,” says regional Manager “CBN Indonesia” mark McClendon.

The representative of “CBN Indonesia” in Myanmar, sandy Barata, says that their service is mainly focused on supporting families, assisting widows and teaching biblical values to children.

“We get a lot of feedback about what children’s lives are changing thanks to “Superbook,” says Sandi Barata. — Tel mint var about 10 years. Previously, she was often angry at her friend because she is rude. But watching the “Superbook”, the girl was able to forgive her and even brought a friend to Sunday school,” she says.

“The appearance of our CBN is the gift of God. We should use it to our people were blessed to know Jesus and His love, have received salvation and have eternal life,” says the Bishop of the Methodist Church of Lower Myanmar Satan, Mafia.

In Korea “Superbook” is a valuable gift, especially for those churches that can’t afford the program of the Sunday school.

“We have in Korea, about 70 thousand churches — large and small. Surprisingly, 48% of these churches do not have Sunday school. Therefore, the “Superbook” was a good news for Korea, because it is useful for those churches that Sunday can’t afford a Sunday school or classes for which you have to pay”, — says the Manager of the project “Superbook”, “CBN Korea” Shea Kim.

In addition to its humanitarian service and radio “si-bi-EN Vietnam” is preparing to open Clubs Superbook in Vietnamese in 350 churches. Regional Manager “CBN Vietnam,” Phuc Truong said that every year on the Day of initiation, he finds encouragement and comfort.

“It’s just amazing how we worship God together, have fun, are edified each other and dream about the future for each country,” he says.

“God loves all people. So I think that the Lord will anoint CBN wherever it operates, to the Word of God has affected the whole world,” — said the regional Manager “CBN Indonesia” mark McClendon.

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