In Taiwan, legislators are considering the possibility to legalize same-sex marriage. If they do that, Taiwan will become the first Asian country to adopt such measures. But Christians stand firmly on the protection of traditional marriage.

80 thousand LGBT supporters recently took to the streets in Taipei, the largest in the history of Asian gay parade. While no Asian country has not legalized gay marriage, but many gay activists believe that Taiwan could become the first. Recently they were encouraged by the video posted on Facebook, the new President of Taiwan, Cai Inven.

“I support same-sex marriage. Everyone has the right to love and marry,” says there she is.

The legislature of Taiwan is considering a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. For making it must support 57 of 130 legislators. While the bill is supported by 56 of them. According to supporters of same-sex marriage, legalization will have long term benefits.

“Recently we have had two children, so we have a critical problem is the recognition of our parental rights,” says a supporter of LGBT su Shan.

Religious affiliation influences opinions on same-sex marriage. In one recent study, 80% of Taiwanese aged 20 – 29 years — mostly Buddhists and Taoist — were in favor of legalization. For comparison, 75% of Christians oppose it. In their view, same-sex marriage distort traditional gender roles and destroy the very notion of marriage. Local Church leaders nationwide protests, urging the Taiwanese to speak against the bill.

“Today we stand here to tell the government that Christians in Taiwan are strongly against the legalization of gay marriage. And we will not cease to repeat it. No decision should be taken without the consent of the company,” urges one of the Taiwanese pastors.

“I hope Taiwan will adopt this law as soon as possible, and then other countries will follow the example of Taiwan. So we will make a big step forward in the field of human rights,” — said the setter from the ruling party Yu Mei Well.

Conservative organizations and Christians promise to exert strong pressure to protect traditional Taiwanese culture and to preserve family values.

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