Task ETC to work on the Ukrainian politicians.

The President Of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

Politicians hope that the future Church structure in Ukraine will be completely loyal to the authorities, said Ruslan Bortnik.

One of the reasons for the creation of EPTS is the education of the state of the Ukrainian Church, which will be subject to Ukrainian politicians. This was stated in the program “the Right faith” Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management, expert Ruslan Bortnik.

According to him, Ukrainian politicians hope that such a Church will always be loyal primarily to themselves.

“They are wrong, – said Bortnik. – In the best case it will create the Church of Constantinople. No, this management tool in the hands of politicians will not give up”.

According to the analyst, the UAOC and the Kyivan Patriarchate, which are now independent, though not recognized, will simply be reassigned to Constantinople.

“They do not understand and let them. Then they shall see: Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. The whole team will realize that they have lost control over a third of the Orthodox,” said the analyst.

Earlier his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry said that “believers are tightened in the format of a political party”, ensuring that “the indication we would not be the Christ, and some politics.” At the same time, Petro Poroshenko has said that he sees his task is to protect Ukraine from “foreign Churches.”


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