Teachers and students will propose new formats of spiritually-moral education of youth


University professors, teachers and students will offer their vision of spiritually-moral education of youth. Their proposals they will receive in the framework of the open competition of pedagogical skills in the field of spiritual-moral education, which started in Moscow recently.

A special place in Russian education is given to the spiritual and moral education of schoolchildren. In the Strategy of development of education in the Russian Federation until 2025 marked spiritual and moral values prevailing in the process of cultural development of Russia. They will all be counted in the projects of the participants of the new contest for teachers and students of Moscow. The festival organisers will work in different areas: scenarios of events of spiritual and moral orientation, multimedia projects, photo projects, scenarios of lessons in the subjects of Fundamentals of religious cultures and secular ethics (ORKSE) and the Basis of moral and spiritual culture of the peoples of Russia (ODKNR) and other categories.


The organizers aim to put the creation of a common platform to showcase of achievements and exchange of experience of teachers working in the field of spiritually-moral education of youth. The organizers do not exclude that the key projects of the competition can then be presented by their authors at the Federal and international levels.

Solemn rewarding of winners will take place in the Hall of Church cathedrals of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in January 2019. All participants will receive a certificate, the best papers will be published in electronic methodical grant.

Submissions will be accepted until October 28, 2018. To get acquainted with the situation of competition of pedagogical skill here.

The contest is held on behalf of the Department of education of Moscow Moscow state pedagogical University in collaboration with a number of partners.


Competition of teaching skills forms part of a major educational project on the prevention of extremism and preventing youth involvement in activities of religious groups. The project has already conducted workshops and webinars for teachers, and by the end of the year is to be more than ten thematic educational events.

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