Teachers Ktaas gave advice to students how to tune into spiritual life

The Confessor of the Kiev theological Academy and Seminary Archimandrite Markell (Pavuk)

On 2 September the students and teachers of the Kiev theological Academy and Seminary in the assumption Cathedral of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra began the new school year with prayer.

Their advice and wishes for the students in the new academic year is shared with the correspondent the SPM teachers of the Kyiv theological schools.

Professor of ktha & s, Professor of theology, renowned Ukrainian antisectarian expert, head of the informational-educational center “Hope” Viktor Chernyshov said: “this year I have an anniversary marks 30 years of my work at the Kyiv theological schools, and believe me, every year, on such days I feel a sense of uplift, comes some inspiration. The students we discover a lot of interesting, and I wish to all that they absorbed like a sponge. In their pastoral activities required. We now live in a multipolar, complex world, and therefore this knowledge will be in demand in all dimensions”.

In the words of the Confessor of ktha & s Archimandrite Markell (Pavaka), “the main thing I would like to wish learners to tune in to spiritual life. And spiritual life, it begins with repentance. When will the realization of the merits of his sins and desire repentance. Only then will spiritual growth, spiritual life – real, genuine. And if a little let-esteem, and reasons for self-esteem a lot, because we attain a very high science, but, if we’re in the heart of the conceit, then no spiritual development and spiritual growth will be. So God grant that we all, from the first days of school were motivated not only to grasp the intellectual Sciences, and most importantly, we tuned in to repentance.”

The teacher and the choir Director of ktha & s Archimandrite Roman said: “we start the new school year is a day of renewal, a day of new hopes, new bright impressions and, of course, new creative plans. Students and seminarians wish from a human soul the best of luck. Because many in this hard their way, said his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry, the narrow but noble, beautiful and fulfilling path, a lot of the way will be obstacles, and that while learning of the way of obstacles as much as possible. And all you need for learning here we are. And we pray that the Lord revealed his mercy, his favor that we were focused, wise in deeds and actions and that this year was not in vain in our lives and for all of us was good.”

As reported by ALS, September 2, his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufriy blessed the students and teachers of the Kyiv theological schools at the beginning of the new academic year.

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