American Regent University (Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA), Ukrainian Evangelical theological Seminary (UETS) and Kiev national University. Taras Shevchenko together for the first time in Ukraine has opened a post-graduate certification training program traumatherapie. A three-module course duration 15 months includes comprehensive training and practice under the supervision of qualified mentors-supervisors.

“This idea was submitted by my colleague, the Ukrainian doctor Cossack. It turned out a coincidence that I came to read this topic, and it was interesting because of the events in Ukraine, — says the lecturer of the first module of the program, Merrill Reese. — A lot of people after class approached me to ask questions, a lot of people asked to hold consultations with them and we were able to work 24 hours a day.”

Merrill Reese is holder of a PhD in the field of education and training consultants, a licensed counselor LPC, mA in psychological counseling, certified traumatologist the Academy of traumatology Green Cross associate Professor and co-coordinator of the Center for the study of injury Regent University (Regent University, USA).

In Ukraine a huge need for this material. In connection with the military actions, thousands of people lost their loved ones, more than half a million were forced to flee the house. With injury issues today faced by every volunteer, a chaplain, a Minister of a local Church or a specialist psychologist.

“The ultimate goal is establishment of centre for work with people who have experienced any traumatic events, says Merrill Reese. However, our ultimate goal is that we gradually emerged from this project that he was working independently. I am a person of faith and I believe God has prepared and created all the conditions so that it is now such a center could be, this training could be conducted and people can be prepared.”

Traumatherapie combines a set of methods that help to get rid of a painful return to the past people with traumatic experiences and restore the inner resources of a person with psychological trauma and help him to accept himself and understand the “here and now”.

“The structure of the program — and it is complex — there are those answers to questions that have arisen in the work, says Kiev, psychologist, trainer, coach Anna Gromova. — Now popping requests traumatherapie. Either return the guys (from the ATO), or their wives come because they can’t handle. Or is what psychologists call “secondary retraumatization”.

“This topic is very interested because I live in the frontal area, a lot of children of immigrants. Children are traumatised, and the whole society is traumatized. Here you listen, you compare, as you did and as recommended by scientist. Find very, very useful things,” says child and family psychologist with 20 years of experience from Zaporozhye, Svetlana Borodec.

“This course is for professionals puts the reference points that we already do, for related people, chaplains, counsellors — an introduction to traumatherapie, well, for interested people this is an opportunity to test yourself to understand this for me or not?” — says the psychologist, traumatherapie from Kiev Ksenia Wittenberg.

“The cooperation is very pleasant, a very necessary happening at the time. The last half of the year though is Russia or Ukraine — we’ve all been through a trauma,” says the President of the Association “Emmanuel” – Steve Weber, who was present at one of the training sessions.

Among 70 students, practicing psychologists and psychiatrists, teachers, volunteers of various services of assistance to victims of the hostilities. The biggest group — 9 people — consultants trust “Good word” Association “Emmanuel”.

“We are very excited to be here at the seminar because it will make a significant contribution to our level of our Advisory training and ability to help. Today there is a huge request for psychological assistance to survivors of trauma. And this seminar is one of those that will help us to establish that we are specialists in this direction,” — says Inna Cherepova, head of the trust “Good word”.

The second module prepared 18 students with higher psychological education. They have lectures and 120 hours of practice under the individual guidance of supervisors.
In turn, representatives of Regent University also say the desire to develop cooperation with Ukraine in the field of education.

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