Temples and monasteries of eight countries presented their relics on exhibition in Chita


International Orthodox exhibition-fair “From repentance to resurrection of Russia” opened on Thursday in Chita. Its shrines it had provided more than 80 temples and monasteries from eight countries, reported TASS organizers of the event.

“The exhibition will run until September 11. It is attended by more than 80 temples and monasteries of Russia, Belarus, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine”, – said the organizers.

The exhibition was blessed by the Metropolitan of Chita and Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky Dimitri (Eliseev). In his opinion, the main purpose of the event is the spiritual and moral education of the faithful. “Through this exhibition, we, first, have the opportunity to come into contact with world Orthodoxy, as it is attended by the representatives of other States. It is equally important that this exhibition accompanies the exhibition dedicated to the life of the Royal passion-bearers and martyrs of Alapayevsk,” – said he after the prayer service on the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition presents an installation room in the Ipatiev house in Yekaterinburg, where on the night of July 17, the family was shot last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Here you can also see medals, coins, books the king and his family, copies of resolutions on the execution and order of demolition of the building, as well as cross-reliquary that belonged to the Romanov family. This part of the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the death of the Royal family.

At the exhibition you can buy honey, herbs, books, icons, jewelry and ceramics, Church utensils and vestments, spiritual and classical literature.

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