“Temporary difficulties” – bad fiction and a sandwich without love

September 13 premiere of the film “Temporary difficulties”, which tells about the childhood and youth of “best business Advisor of the country,” Alexander Kovalev. Alexander has cerebral palsy due to birth trauma. Overcoming the difficulties associated with the disease, he becomes a famous person and says that for him there is no problem. Neither his nor other people. (The text is a brief retelling of some episodes).

  • “Temporary difficulties”: whether cerebral palsy treated with violence
  • Cerebral palsy is, and the hero slices through the yacht with a babe
  • “Give the word that the child will go, and I will do what you want with it” – why cerebral palsy “treat” violence
  • “Temporary difficulties”: I’ll love you only when you go by yourself?

A month after seeing the trailer of the film, we were worried, like the parents of children with cerebral palsy did not accept the film at face value. Fortunately, about that you can relax. This is a very bad movie that became a jumble of the key (in the Director’s opinion) episodes in the life of a boy with a semi plot, it is hardly possible to estimate, as a guide to action.

In this story, I have a tyrannical father who is trying to bring Frank sadism in a fairly sensible idea “sympathy for the child can sometimes cause him only harm.” A mother who is not afraid of the word, stoically withstands decades of psychological and sometimes life-threatening abuse of a child. And the child, the success of which is reflected in the stunning banality of things: he rides on a yacht in the Moscow river, and his bride, who happily said that “marrying rich” – high-quality contouring eyebrows.

If cerebral palsy in this movie very little resembles the real disease, psychological injury, perhaps, what little has been the Director. Father, perversely Narcissus, when the child swings at the wife pushes it, and at the attempt of the boy to protect his mother crutch, then include the “good COP”: “I will never force you to do what you can’t. Only what you fear”. That does not prevent him to lose a teenage son in the forest where the child nearly becomes the victim of a hostile bear.

Don’t know about you, but I find it impossible to survive in such a situation, and with rare luck, not ability to skillfully overcome the difficulties that it eventually ate (it would have been a very different movie). No wonder Alexander Kovalev from the movie chose over the years not to see his father, having difficulties in building interpersonal relationships and even offer his beloved makes in the style of “those I highly recommend, marry me.” Periodically, he breaks down on close mother, the bride, the father and does not constitute an example to follow. Unless of course yachting in the beautiful expensive suit, suffering from the nightmare of neuroses – not the limit of your dreams.

During the film I saw him happy once. When my dad’s friend brought him a wheelchair for movement as a gift for the new year. The boy is happy: “like a racing car!” Father in the eyes of the child pulls his gift from the stairs. Another picture: in anticipation of the holiday kid asks mom if she will buy him ice cream in the movies, but two is better. But in the movie is not, because the child (who, mind you, CP) could not tie my own shoelaces. I want to reiterate a truly heroic patience of his mother, who does not descend from the ladder husband humiliated child “in the name of love”, along with a stroller.

However, at the end of the film it is clear why. Wanting to justify psychological and physical violence, she affectionately said that he had not seen greater love than such a father. It is possible that though not seen. People who have suffered violence in the parental family, alas, often build relationships with psychopaths and sadists.

In a known joke-wife who is determined to initiate a quarrel with her husband, asks her to bring a sandwich. When my husband makes it, she finally realizes to be hurt – “you made this sandwich without love!”. In her eyes the lack of love nullifies all his culinary achievements. Rehabilitation and successes of the hero of the film can be reduced to nothing literally killing cruelty of the father “for his own good.”

Let me, perhaps cynical comment, since the hero of this film and, apparently, film Director, cynicism does not hold: I think that it is better never to learn to walk without assistance, than to walk, run, jump and even fly, becoming completely devastated, broken, full of childhood fears and a severe neurosis.

In order not to deprive at least some intrigue potential viewers, I will not retell the whole phantasmagoric plot, according to which adults could send from Artek child of ten years all alone, nothing without informing his parents. And still allow myself to be surprised that in the final film showed a small excerpt from the speech nick Vujcic, a well-known motivational speaker who has truly become successful, happy, and well known speaker, inspiring millions of people. They began by understanding and adopting the closest people who gave him unconditional love. What is lacking all the characters of the movie “Temporary difficulties”.

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