In mid-March, tens of thousands of runners from around the world gathered in Jerusalem for the annual marathon. And it’s more than just a sporting event. It is also a spiritual journey.

The seventh annual Jerusalem marathon is the largest. The day of the race, March 17, in the morning, more than 30 thousand runners woke up early to take part in this marathon and other races.

“Here 3,5 thousand runners from more than 60 countries. And need to hear what they say. Before the race they are participating in a spiritual event, not only in sports,” says Jerusalem mayor NIR Barkat.

“It’s not just a marathon, it’s a sign that my time to come here. What I felt earlier is nothing compared to how I feel today” — says the participant of the marathon, Milind soman.

The mayor of Jerusalem NIR Barkat had the idea of the marathon as a way to attract people who otherwise would not visit him. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.

“The Jerusalem marathon is hooking me up with the city,” continues the mayor.

“You know, it unites all families with babies and children and gave motivation throughout the city to participate in the race,” says Ilanit Melchior.

Runners choosing the marathon, half marathon, 10 000, 5 000 kilometers or a family race.

“We all got up at five in the morning, so early to come here to escape in the lovely atmosphere of Jerusalem,” — says member of the Jerusalem marathon Danny Gimpel.

Various tracks run along the ancient walls through the Old town, the historical and modern routes through neighborhoods. Some participants run for a cause, such as Rick Reiber, who is running for the service of CBN’s “Operation blessing”.

“I read something about the assistance provided by “Operation blessing” in Israel, and I was glad to know that you guys do so much to help the needy in Israel,” he says.

This happens for some reason or just for fun, the Jerusalem marathon has become a meeting place of many runners around the world.

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