This week, us President Barack Obama made a historic visit to Cuba. For the first time in 88 years the US President has set foot on the soil of the island. The visit came at a time of growing optimism about the Cuban Church. It was lifted some restrictions, and she looks forward to a fruitful partnership with American churches.

Recently, thousands of Cubans in the unity of the worshipped God for two consecutive nights under the open sky of Santiago, the second largest city of Cuba. The meetings in this city, and in Havana was visited by 25 thousand people. And, even more remarkably, they went with the permission of the Cuban authorities. In recent months, the government began to arrest political dissidents, so the meeting facilitator Steve Cordon considers that meeting a miracle.

“Literally every step you have to do on faith because there is no certainty whether the visa will allow you to rent space. Anything could happen,” says Steve Cordon of Ministry “Worship 24/7”.

It was here that the outpouring of the Holy spirit. People worshipped, listened to the preaching and accepting Christ. Came forward nearly a half thousand people.

“When we see that so many people give their life to Jesus, is first and foremost the fruit,” says Steve Cordon.

Worship “Worship 24/7”, who sponsored the event and also distributed 30 thousand Bibles, which is very important in a country where they are not easy to find. According to Cordon, the plans of the faithful, a new Christian magazine and the Christian music festival. He is optimistic about the younger generation having new ideas for the development of the country, where the Church suffered greatly for many decades.

“I see that they begin to dream of. Hope is being reborn. While they receive knowledge and skills, expanding their capabilities,” says Steve Cordon.

According to experienced missionaries, Cuban believers also Express cautious optimism about working with the American churches with the easing of travel restrictions in the United States.

“They would like to establish partnerships between churches, and to them came the people who will help them start agricultural projects, open other small businesses that would allow them not only to recoup its own costs, but also to serve local people what they want”, says Brian Stewart of organization “Action cube”.

Stewart and other missionaries warned that the Americans should treat the Cuban Church with great respect. After all, the American Church can learn a lot from the Cuban Church — the world’s leading expert in Church planting and evangelism, under extreme difficulties.

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