That opened the world Cup on our manners

The network has been widely discussed article, where the author’s unflattering comments about the relationship of the Russians with foreign fans. The journalist wanted to stand on a stool Patriotic, and show us that he loves his Homeland. But the effect was, alas, the opposite – he does not know the Motherland does not love does not understand her women, and insults at the same time. And in the process insult the representatives of other nationalities.


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Marina Akhmedova

Now when crack and break the spear in the debate – “if the Russians slut?” – there are often women’s voices: “Well, we found out, thanks to the Brazilians, Mexicans and other foreigners what they really think Russian men!”. I thought about all the familiar and unfamiliar men, and found among them no one who would participate in discussions on a given topic. I’d be up in communities where the assignment topic is hotly debated, and puffed up there leaving comments.

Speaking of communities. Before writing this column, I visited them in the network Vkontakte and carefully studied. The most popular that emerged after Brazilian fans have surrounded our girl and sang offensive song in their language in her honour, has only three and a half thousand subscribers. They were less, but became twice as much after the media began to discuss an article published in “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. Title of the article “Time whores: the Russians at the world Cup are a disgrace to themselves and the country”.

Going back to the girl – she didn’t know what to sing Brazilians, was open, friendly, as a citizen of a country that welcomes you, and not waited for the trick. Brazilian community specific fans condemned, they lost their jobs. But in Russia Vkontakte began to emerge of the community, who took the name of the evil words of Brazilian songs, and the media began to issue the articles and insulting to Russian women, and Russian men have one of its header.

Agree, three and a half thousand subscribers – it’s a bit. And scanty enough in order to draw conclusions about all Russian men of our great country. We can only do about a particular individual representatives of humankind, who wrote specific comments or articles. But I’m afraid that these particular people are not so interesting to do about them any conclusions.

And now about the article, but with one caveat – I’m deliberately not going to use the name of its author. Only because I know that today he is celebrating his finest hour. Insulting the women live in the same country, the author suddenly became famous. I will pour another spoonful of burnt sugar in his pot of fleeting fame.

The author writes – “the Social network scored a video in which young and not so Russian women behave like silly girls.” Surprisingly, my social network did not show me any such video. Conclusion number one is your belt in social media reflects what you are. Your gut she shows you. Admire. And tragica himself.

“The Russians opened your legs!”, “the Polish fans bring joy Russian girl!”, “the Russian girls, Spud foreigners, the concepts of shame, ethics, morals completely erased from consciousness!”. This cheap syllable – not mine, I’m just quoting the star article “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, which through the offer used words denoting nationality “Russian”, “Russian”, “Russian woman”. Obviously the author wanted to stand on a stool Patriotic, and show us that he loves his Homeland. But the effect was, unfortunately, the opposite does not know the Motherland does not love does not understand her women, and insults at the same time. And in the process insult the representatives of other nationalities.

As far as the Russians should behave adequately (read: in accordance with the view of the author about how dignified women), and English women, German women, Swedish women can behave arbitrarily badly, because to them morality so far from the Russians. Unfortunately, here are the cave paintings in the minds of such racist, nationalist behavior repels the world from our country. And she’s a country wants to be open.

Last week I watched such a scene. In the coffee shop at the Taganka became fans. I don’t know from which country they are to visit us came. It doesn’t matter. Girl sitting at a table, turned to him:

Oh, and you fans?!

Asked the girl in Russian. Yes, they wanted to meet foreigners, and they interfered with the language barrier. So, they are not taught English in school, just not managed to form English a simple proposal. And, maybe, the wealth of their family wasn’t, to allow them to learn English. Maybe they came to the World Championships in Moscow from a small town. And maybe they never had the opportunity to go to Brazil or to Spain. So well – really worth it to condemn them for what they want to see the world closer, and the world in the face of foreigners he approached them?

Only the decision to write this column made me watch a video about the “bad behavior of the Russians”, which criticizes the article, and the author ashamed. Here I shall digress for the sake of conclusion number two – only their own stupidity makes you ashamed for the behavior of strangers. Now about the video – such a video full of network and phones, and frequenters of night clubs. The World Cup to what is happening in these clubs do not have the slightest relationship. And actors of such videos where girls dance on the bar not really in the clothes and not quite in their underwear – as a rule, the Russians. If national identity is so important.

And she, in fact, is not important. People behave badly or well. Politely or not. Cultural or uncultured. People get offended. People are looking for in another its drawbacks. Some people are open – minded. And other angry this openness because they can’t. People are jealous. People fail, and looking for those in personal failure could be to blame. For example, if girls smile at you, a Brazilian, then blame the Brazilian – because he came to your country and stole belongs to you a smile. People live, gazing into the reflection of his own thoughts, and believing in what this reflection looks at the world. Not believing that the world is not smiling at you just because you have in mind – burnt sugar.

Them and not think that “slut” and “cabalista drive-thru” (the phrase of the article – approx.ed.) – it is not always the one who sells her body for money. Often this word can call a person who sells their opinion, their point of view, and wags them in different directions, just to pay. Conclusion number three: people are people, and what they have in mind determines not nationality. Conclusion number four”chabolistas a slut” can be not only a woman but a man.

Finish the quote from the same article. “Such behavior of the Russians – a consequence of including the degradation of Russian men, at the same time weak and irresponsible.” Here I could not agree more. But with one clarification – the degradation of individual, concrete men. Such as, for example, the author and members of the community Vkontakte.

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