That sausage was cheap, we need a United Church, – Tyagnibok

The leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok

For approval of a powerful, unified Ukraine and that was a cheap sausage needed a unified Church, the head of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok.

According to the leader of the nationalist party, the Ukrainians also need a unified faith. He said this during the “Fresnoy moves” of the Kyivan Patriarchate on July 28, reports “Gromadske TV”.

“For the approval of a powerful, unified Ukrainian state to make sure the sausage was cheap, we need to have one faith, one Church, one language”, – said Tyagnibok.

As reported by the SPM, the leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok said that all shrines of the UOC, including the Kiev-Pechersk and Pochaev Lavra, should be selected, and not wait for the decision of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew.

Earlier, political analyst Andrei Zolotarev explained that the terrorizing of the UOC radicals “spins” power.

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