“That will not do, of course.” The President on pension reform: the main 10 points

60 years, not 63 years for women, benefits for large families, villagers and other categories, transition and support for workers and business, we have collected the most important of the treatment of Vladimir Putin to 9 points.

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1. “Then, in the 2000s, I was against it”

It was obvious that at the turn of the 2020s years we will inevitably face serious demographic problems. So, changes are needed. But then, in the 2000s, I was against them. Talked about this in private meetings and publicly.

However, gradually there will come a time when the indexation of pensions from the state will not have enough funds. The proposed changes in the pension system will allow not only to maintain the level of incomes of pensioners, but the main thing is to provide sustainable, rapid growth.

2. “On the average on 1 thousand roubles”

Overall, over the next six years we will be able annually to increase old-age pension for pensioners on the average on 1 thousand roubles. As a result, this will give the opportunity to 2024, to reach the average level of pensions for pensioners in 20 thousand rubles a month. (Now, remember, this is 14 thousand 144 roubles).

Pay attention to the mechanism of the annual increase of pensions shall be laid down in the bill to change the pension system.

3. “Of course, the government was considering other options”

It turned out that, in fact, nothing drastic they do not solve. In the best case just patch holes. Or worse, carry devastating consequences for the economy as a whole.

The introduction of a progressive income tax – these funds, in the best case, will last for six days. To sell part of state property, for example, as some suggest, all the buildings of the Pension Fund, including its regional offices.

Of course, I agree, they too swung their apartments. People find it annoying. And I also support. But even if we sell them, and the money will be spent on pensions, will be able to pay them about six days.

4. “That will not do, of course”

The draft law proposes to increase the retirement age for women for 8 years to 63 years, while for men it increased by five years. This will not work, of course. This is wrong. In our country the treatment of women particular, careful. We understand that they are not only working on the primary place of employment, they, as a rule, the whole house, taking care of family, raising children, care of grandchildren.

We must provide for the right of early retirement for mothers of large families. That is, if a woman has three children, then she will be able to retire three years early. If four children four years earlier. And for women who have 5 and more children, everything should stay as it is now, they can retire at 50 years.

5. “I repeat, six months ahead”

But they are well aware that the hardest thing to have to those who first face with the increase in the retirement age. Very soon. And we need to take this into account.

In this regard, I propose for citizens who had to retire under the old legislation in the next two years, to establish a special privilege, the right to draw a pension for six months before the new retirement age. For example, a person who according to the new retirement age will have to retire in January 2020, will be able to do it in July 2019. That is, again, 6 months earlier.

6. “Incentives for business”

We must include additional safeguards to protect the interests of older citizens in the labour market. Therefore, for a transitional period, I propose to consider pre-retirement age five years before the date of retirement. So, I consider it necessary to establish for employers administrative and even criminal liability for the dismissal of employees close to retirement age, as well as the refusal in employment of citizens because of their age.

I instruct the Government to offer real incentives for business employers to be encouraged to take and keep at work citizens approaching retirement age. Approve for citizens close to retirement age a special program for professional development. It should work as soon as possible and be financed from the Federal budget.

To increase the maximum size of unemployment benefits for citizens of pre-retirement age more than doubled – from 4 thousand 900 rubles, as of now, 11 thousand 280 rubles from 1 January 2019, and to set the period for the payment of one year.

To secure the obligation of the employer to annually provide employees approaching retirement age 2 days for a free check-up with pay.

7. “It is impossible to act according to the template. That is, just % increases”

We must recognize the special conditions of life and labour of the people. We have provided conservation benefits for miners, workers of hot shops, chemical plants, Chernobyl, a number of other categories.

You need to maintain all existing conditions of appointment of pensions for the indigenous peoples of the North.

We must support the residents of the village. Has been repeatedly discussed and even taken a decision on whether 25-cent premium to the fixed payment of pension for pensioners living in rural areas. With 30 years of experience in agriculture. But the introduction of this decision into force has been postponed. I propose to begin these payments from January 1, 2019.

8. “Not only by age”

Those who started early to work should be able to retire not only in age but also taking into account the earned experience. Now the bill stipulates that the pensionable service on early retirement is 40 years for women and 45 for men. Offer for three years to reduce the pensionable service on early retirement. For women under 37 years and for men up to 42-H.

9. “People were counting on these benefits”

To maintain for a transitional period, until the completion of the reforms in the pension system, all Federal benefits in force on 31 December 2018. Mean tax benefits on property and land.

Yes, these benefits have traditionally been provided only with the retirement. But in this case, when the pension system will change, and people relied on these benefits, we have to make for them an exception, not to provide benefits in connection with retirement and upon reaching the appropriate age. That is, as before, will benefit women upon reaching 55 years and men 60 years. Thus, even before retirement they will no longer pay the tax for your house, apartment, garden plot.

10. “We just have not been ready for this before”

Many experts now believe that we have too long with the issues that are discussed today. I don’t think so. We just were not ready to this sooner. But to save on do not.

I very objectively, in detail and sincerely told you about the current status and proposals for sustainable development of the pension system in our country. Once again, we have to make difficult, difficult, but necessary decision.

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