The abbess of the Pokrovsky monastery hegumeness Feofania (Miskina) awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree


November 27, 2018 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the Catherine hall of the Moscow Kremlin presented orders, medals, insignia of conferring honorary titles to more than forty distinguished citizens of Russia, Brazil patriarhiei.

Among the awardees was the abbess of the Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women’s monastirakiou Moscow hegumeness Feofania (Miskina), where the head of state presented the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree.

“I am very pleased to welcome you to the Kremlin and with a sense of great respect to present state awards to outstanding citizens of our country, the one who creates and multiplies its national wealth — in Economics, in science, in medicine, in education, culture and sport, who defend the Fatherland and serve him. All of you thanks to the hard work and talent has achieved heights in the profession and, most importantly, inspire others with passion, constant creative search, unique achievements and, of course, a sincere concern about Russia taking personal responsibility for peace in our country, for its prosperity,” he said, addressing the audience, Vladimir Putin.

Pokrovsky monastery — one of the capital places of attraction for pilgrims from all over Russia and from abroad. Every day in this abode, thousands of people visit: it is here that the relics of St. Matrona of Moscow.

“Pokrovsky female monastery is visited by millions of pilgrims, whose efforts we have restored, restored three houses, temples — our lady of the assumption and Trinity Cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage site,” said hegumeness Feofania, speaking at the ceremony.

The abbess of the Pokrovsky monastery said that the monastery is also restored ten houses — monuments of wooden architecture. “We have very beautiful grounds and such a beautiful place!.. I think You definitely need to visit and see this wooden architecture,” asked the abbess to the head of state.

Mother she thanked the authorities who have entrusted her to rebuild the monastery, and expressed hope that the monastery “will bring good to the people of today’s generation.”

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