The actions of Constantinople is the apostasy, the Bishop Gedeon

Bishop Makarov Gedeon (Kharon)

The removal of the anathema with Filaret is a political game, says the Abbot of the tithes of the monastery.

That makes today the Patriarchate of Constantinople, is apostasy. This opinion was expressed by the vicar the tithes of the monastery of Bishop Makarov Gedeon (Kharon) in an interview with “Pershoho Cossack”.

Bishop Gideon was reminded to remove the prohibition may be the only one who cast it are the Apostolic rules.

“And what happened in the Church of Constantinople, which was removed from Filaret’s anathema: it seems for people is good, but it must pass through repentance, – said the Hierarch. Otherwise this is a bad example: it is possible to cause schism in the Church, heresy, then you are under some political pressure was legalized. It is here, but there’s something not legal. And here people are all well aware. So it’s all illegal”.

Bishop Gideon stressed that the removal of the anathema with Philaret – a political game that is irrelevant to God not.

“For the believer there is a commandment that is impossible to break. If, in violation of the commandment, a person can repent, in this case it is even worse. This is already the apostasy – what’s doing today the Church of Constantinople,” concluded the Bishop Gedeon.

The Synod of the Church of Constantinople on 11 October decided to canonically recover Filaret Denisenko and Macarius of Miletich “to their hierarchical or priestly calling.” The Hierarch of the Patriarchate of Constantinople Archbishop Teleski job (Hecha), commenting on the canonical status of Filaret Denisenko, said that Fanar considers it “the former Metropolitan of Kiev”.

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