The issue of concern to the entire West. The President of the United States wants to accept more refugees. But this step meets with serious resistance because of fears that America will carry out the “import of terrorism.” The debate over Islam and immigration continues.

With the arrival in Europe of winter, many Syrian refugees found themselves in the cold. America is preparing to take some of them, but many wonder: “Who were genuine refugees? What is America’s role, if any, should be helping them? And how many of them are members of ISIS?”

“I am inclined to believe the words of ISIS: “We want to use the program of assistance to refugees in order to infiltrate the West”, says Michael mccaul, the head of the house of representatives Committee on national security.

President Obama said that Syrian refugees still less dangerous than tourists, and he wants to make at least 10 thousand of them in 2016. But there are a lot of warning signs.
The Germans report that almost every third worker is lying, calling themselves Syrian. The Czech President warned that Europe faced “an organized invasion”, not a spontaneous wave of refugees. One young refugee told the Swiss newspaper that on the way to Europe, he met a lot of radical Muslims. And FBI Director James Comey warned Congress that the Syrian refugees it is impossible to check thoroughly.

“It is not only those who come here with the specific purpose to participate in the conspiracy to kill Americans, but also those who can be very easy to recruit in the coming years,” says Clifford may, President of the Foundation for defense of democracies. He was confident that this would be enough to penetrate only a few terrorists.

“The attacks of 11 September was carried out only a handful of people. A few people! So what?! Are we ready to ensure that the attacks of 11 September, repeated every year, every three years, every five years?”, — he continues.

Presidential candidate Donald trump called for a temporary ban on entry for all Muslims. But if you dig deeper, you will find that pass the validation process compliance of refugee status to date has not committed any act of terrorism on American soil.

“After 11 September in the United States was not one of the bombing admitted to a country of refugees,” — says an expert on immigration policy from the Cato Institute Alex Nowrasteh. He said that Syrian refugees would arrive to America via Europe, but from the camps in the middle East, and vetting process of the refugees would be able to pass very few potential terrorists.

“The first step in the verification of refugees is the work of the UN, the result is eliminated 99% of applicants. Followed by another 21 steps. US authorities are demanding that the refugees of their past before arriving in the country. To get here, the Syrians will take about three years. It is a very secure system. And this is the most difficult method of immigration to the United States,” says Alex Nowrasteh.

There are easier ways in which a terrorist might enter the United States: the fraud of “green cards”, a student visa or just go on foot across the border. But I guess the main topic of discussion is the religion of refugees, Islam, and the question is whether Islam itself is potentially dangerous. President Obama, who is still hard to utter the words “Islamic terrorism”, tends to consider Islam on a par with other religions. But many ex-Muslims do not agree.

Is Islam the same as other religions?

“No, it is not, says brother Rashid, a leading TV program “Daring questions”. Islam differs from other religions, because Islam does not accept any other law than the law of Allah.”

Brother Rashid, a former Muslim and now a presenter of the popular TV program in Arabic called “Daring questions.” He says that some Muslim migrants come to the West not as guests but as conquerors.

“Yes, of course! he says. — I have relatives in Europe who think the same. I was their guest. They hate Europe! They hate the West. They hate the local way of life and want to change them”.

Brother Rashid does not believe, as some others, that every Muslim is a potential terrorist because, according to him, many Muslims are serious about their faith. But he warns that Muslim to become radical as the shooter in San Bernardino, you just suddenly decide to fully follow the Quran. He says that this focus in LIH.

“These people are devout Muslims. They are not just a bunch of terrorists who do not understand Islam. All these people carefully studied. Al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS, has a PhD in Islamic studies. He must be well versed in Islam,” continues brother Rashid.

Muslim refugees of concern of another kind. According to polls, the majority of the population of Muslim countries are anti-Semites. One study showed that almost 80% of Syrians support the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Polls show that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to the adoption of Syrian refugees, and more than thirty States have refused to accept them. America is not only a country of immigrants, it is also the most charitable nation in the world. But when it comes to the acceptance of refugees-Muslims, Americans may be forced to choose between charity and security.

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