Writer Alice Merritt grew up in a Jewish family – a child she memorized the Hebrew texts and rejected the divinity of Jesus. But one Christmas season, she discovered the joy and wonder of Christianity. As she told CBN News, it all started with the fact that her life became a mystery man.

MHN: FROM an early age you felt a connection with God. Tell us how you were brought up in Judaism.

Alice Merritt, writer and filmmaker:

We were told that we are the chosen people, which is the true law of God, and that we don’t need the Savior that we are self-sufficient, because we keep the 613 laws. Therefore, all of the child Jesus was to me strange and incomprehensible. And only a College student, I experienced a supernatural meeting with Him.

MHN: AND you talk about this in his new book, “Autumn whisper”. Share with us details about how you were supernaturally met with Christ.

Interestingly, my mother was generally opposed to I left new Jersey for College, and especially to Florida. It is believed that there are not very many Jews (of which there are certainly enough), but said that if I go and go, I will have to join the club “Hillel”, that is, the Jewish student organization, as well as regularly going to the synagogue. I promised her to do all this because you wanted to escape from “greenhouse conditions”. Upon arriving in Florida, I met many Christians. It was the believers who spoke about Jesus. But I’m alienated. Then I got a job at a frozen yogurt shop, and one day there came the man who was more than two meters. He had piercing blue eyes, and in his hands he held a white Bible. It was huge — about the size of a family Bible. And he began to tell me the gospel, reading quotes from the Bible. He also said that Jesus actually was a Jew. So for the first time in my life I was told that Jesus was a Jewish Savior, and that He is my Messiah.

MAN: AND how it helped you come to Christ? Describe this moment.

In fact it took place over seven months — that is, gradually, not in a single moment. The guy met me everywhere I went. For example, I went to work, and he randomly appeared next. Or I could spontaneously go to the Mall with a friend, and every time he was there, sitting alone in the double sofa, as if waiting for me to come. And many times he called me and told me the gospel. And after about seven months, the time came when his words began to dawn on me. He went on to say that Jesus is the lamb slain from the Foundation of the world. And Exodus tells us that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. And one day I thought: in Judaism, every year we celebrate Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, and we know that the sacrifice of an animal has always symbolized our redemption. However, we do not have a temple. So I thought, how are we redeemed? Suddenly one day I realized and just fell in my lap, and after seven months, during which I heard the testimonies of Alan, and I realized that Jesus, Yeshua is the lamb who has redeemed my sin, and His eternal blood could atone for the sin of the whole world.

MHN: did you Communicate with Alan after this? And what happened after you become a Christian?

Surprisingly, after the case Alan had completely vanished. Moreover, in the day when I took my Messiah, Yeshua, I called Alan, but the number that I contacted him for seven months, were invalid. And then I somehow invited a friend from Church that I started going, and she’s in the living room I saw on the wall a huge picture of Alan. His eyes can not be confused with whose others, as well as his chiseled cheekbones and jaw. I was just stunned. And I said, “Where did you get this picture? Who wrote it?” And she and her husband told me that he was an angel, and their friend testified that when she was dying, she was a six-foot angel said that Jesus will heal her and she will live and not die. And she described it as follows: height more than two meters, piercing blue eyes. So, it was something amazing…

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