The Archbishop of Cyprus passed a mosaic of St. Mark the Evangelist, stolen from a temple in Northern Cyprus


The Primate of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus Archbishop Chrysostomos on Monday, November 19, 2018, were transferred to the restored mosaic from the Church of virgin Mary of Kanakaria with the image of St. Apostle Mark, according to Седмица.Ru with reference to the Greek news Agency “Romfea”.

Mosaics in Cyprus, the Archdiocese brought the Director of the Department of antiquities of the Ministry of transport of Cyprus Marina Jeronimidis and legal adviser to the Cyprus Archbishopric Leonidas Georgiou, who was part of the delegation of Cyprus, who visited to retrieve tiles Hague.
The mosaic was transferred to the Cypriot delegation in the Hague the Dutch detective involved in the detection of stolen art.

But success in the identification and repatriation of priceless religious treasures, as noted by the mission was made possible largely thanks to the close cooperation between the Church and the state.


Medallion with a mosaic picture of St. Mark the Evangelist from the Church of Panagia Kanakaria in the province of Famagusta by the Turks in the occupied part of Cyprus.

The cost of repatriation of the mosaic from the Netherlands to Cyprus took over the Archdiocese of Cyprus.


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