The architects recreated in 3D Waseleski the monastery of St. John the Baptist

Modern view of the monastery of St. John the Baptist

Using three-dimensional animation, the architects restored the appearance of the oldest on the bluff of the monastery of St. John the Baptist in Vaseline.

Now with one click you can see the heyday of the now ruined ancient monastery, according to “Russian Athens”.

3D animation – new work by architect Vladimir Nevidia, editing and processing video George Kostidis.

Waseleski the monastery of St. John the forerunner was founded in the III century. It is located high up in the Pontic mountains, covered with dense forest, at an altitude of about 1200 m above sea level, about 50 km South of Trabzon on the mountain Vazelon, or Zebulun in ancient Greek. The mountain is named in memory of Zebulun, the son of the old Testament prophet Jacob. In the VI century was destroyed by the Persians and then rebuilt by Justinian I. the Monastery enjoyed great respect among the Byzantine, then of the emperors of Trebizond. It was also called Royal monastery. Even during the Ottoman Empire the Turks did not dare to close the monastery, he enjoyed tax benefits. Significant support for the monastery during the Turkish yoke had the Russian tsars.

In 1923, the Turks perpetrated the genocide of Christians in Asia Minor, sought to destroy any memory of them. The monastery was plundered and destroyed, its values looted by the Turks, the frescoes were irreparably damaged.

Pontus – the ancient Greek name for the North-Eastern region of Asia Minor, in the North adjacent to the Euxine, now Black sea.


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