Around the world in museums are the famous works of art depicting famous scenes from the Bible. While in Jerusalem recently, one artist has coped with a very difficult task. For six years she portrayed the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. His piece she called “Wall of life”.

Mural of biblical scenes called the “Jerusalem wall of life”. Its area exceeds the area of a field for playing American football, and it was created within six years. It can be traced all the way from Genesis to Revelation and depicts such scenes as, for example, from the book of Exodus, when Moses parted the Red sea.

“The creation of this mural probably had the most significant impact on me than anyone else,” says artist Patricia Solveson. It took her six years to complete what she calls the work of his life.

“I finally breathed a sigh of relief and felt God’s heart. I felt that the Lord’s heart was filled with joy because He knows that’s His place, where it can spread Its message. And it’s here where the gospel is muted. Yeah, seriously — muted! But these walls proclaim His name,” says Patricia.

It was not so easy.

“Such a great job! Often I have almost give up. But then someone came, he liked, and I have once again revived interest and desire to continue working,” she recalls.

Salveson finished his mural under the auspices of the Church “Alliance in the Holy Land”, which held the rite of consecration of her works.

“I think this mural is a wonderful display of our faith, our hope and history,” says the regional Director of the Church “Alliance in the Holy Land” Marshall Mullinax.

The mural is situated on the walls around the cemetery Church “Alliance” in Jerusalem’s German settlement. To some it may seem strange that such a piece of art surrounds the cemetery.

“Perhaps this is one of the most unusual places for evangelism in the world is the cemetery. But we are actually one of the few groups of people for whom the cemetery is not creepy, because our hope, our life, our story does not end with the grave. We can enter here without fear, knowing that death was already vanquished. We know that this is only a pause in the story, but not the end of it,” says Marshall Mullinax.

This cemetery is included in the official catalogue of the Ministry of tourism, has a rich heritage and history.

“Here are buried many of the faithful who have contributed to the creation and development of the state of Israel. They sacrificed a lot for this purpose. Their whole life became a sacrifice for the Lord Jesus Christ,” says Roger Ball, former Director of the Church “Alliance in the Holy Land”.

“I am very glad that this place is now consecrated, and that completed this mural on the wall depicting the works of God throughout history — and especially the story of the salvation of all mankind” — says Jack Sara of the Church “Alliance in the Holy Land”.

“The mural is just gorgeous. Such bright, vivid colors. In addition, depict scenes of thought-provoking — especially the end when Jesus comes back, and the lion and the fatling together again, and the snake, and wolf. In General, Yes, it’s just wonderful,” says Justin Steiner.

Your art style Salveson calls impressionistic realism. Her favorite scene? Sunday.

“Miriam took Jesus for the gardener, and he said: “Where have you laid His body?” And then He said her name. Miriam loved Him. The same relationship with Him and with me. And I like the scene with the lamb, because it’s not some traditional scene of Calvary. This is a scene from the Passover lamb, reminiscent of the words of John the Baptist: “Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”, — says the artist.

Patricia finds inspiration in his own transformed life.

“I draw inspiration from the word “love.” The Lord has done for me what I couldn’t do. He brought me up also out of an horrible pit. He put in my mouth a song, and a hand — brush and said, “You’ll live.” It’s actually a love story for all people from all over the world,” says Patricia Solveson.

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