First news this week that the people of London were frightened and shocked by the terrorist act. Israeli officials say they communicated with the representatives of great Britain, and one of them said, “terrorism is a crime, no matter where he was, and we should carry with it a constant struggle”.

Julie Became a news correspondent CBN will tell us more about what is happening in London, Israel and the middle East.

Chris Mitchell (“the meeting Place – Jerusalem”) (KM):
Julie, a terrorist attack in London is terrible. But the Israelis have too often been faced with these past few years.

Julie Stall, CBN news reporter (DS):
You’re right, Chris. I have the same reaction to similar. It’s like deja vu. What starts in Israel, has echoes in other parts of the world. For the first time this happened in 2008 not far from here when the driver of the bulldozer crashed into a bunch of machines. Then a lot of people were injured before he was stopped. And as recently as in January, there was another case of a terrorist attack, not far from where I live. The driver of the truck crashed into a group of soldiers, and four people died.

KM: Similar tactics were used in London. And not just trucks and shovels, and knives.

DS: Yes, it is quite simple. All you need is the right and the truck. Anyone can obtain. Even though rights are not needed. You just need to be able to drive a car. And you can already attack people, wherever they may be. This is a very handy weapon.

KM: in Addition to this terrorist act in the news discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I know this week you were at the press conference with Jibril Rajoub, whom some consider the next Palestinian leader. What was he talking about?

DS: You’re right, Chris. He blame everyone and everything. Don’t blame only the Palestinians, of which Israel is forced to do such things. In addition, Jibril rajoub encouraged by the policy of the President of the trump. Here’s what he said: “we are Now waiting. Trump personally called Mahmoud Abbas and said: first, I want to do this and that. Secondly, I want to stop the suffering and treat you like my strategic partners.”

KM: At the moment, an interesting situation. Some people are optimistic, while others say that it’s all the same to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And it looks like the outcome is not expected. What do you think about this?

DS: I also don’t see any possible solutions. With all the desire of the President of trump something may change, but maybe not. I think for a long time, both parties pretend to support the intended process, because they knew that really it came to nothing lead. Maybe I’m wrong, but in the near term resolution of this issue will not.

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