The attackers robbed the temples of the UOC in the river and near Chernihiv


19 November 2018 in the village skorinets ‘ Chernihivs’kyi district, unknown persons robbed the temple in honor of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. At the same time, in the river robbed other churches of the UOC in honour of the mother of God “unexpected joy”. It is reported by the outreach Department with a link to the website

In the village near Chernigov Scarinzi unknown broke into the temple, damaging the plastic window. From the temple, the attackers stole three icons of the Savior, of the virgin and of the Saviour. Now set the damage. The police opened criminal proceedings under article “theft”.

At the same time, in the river robbed the Central temple in honor of icon of mother of God “unexpected joy”. The three attackers had entered the territory and took away valuables. In particular, according to the national police, unknown persons stole a prayer book, cassock, religious values, and personal belongings of priests. Valuables they immediately pawned, and then returned “for a new party”.

As reported, in the river a crime was recorded by surveillance cameras, and soon the three Dnipro 34, 32 and 29 years were detained. They seized some of the stolen items and find out where they passed the others.

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