The autocephaly of the cements division for many years, speaker of the UOC

Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich recalled that none of the Local Church did not support the DNC

The speaker of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Archpriest Nikolai Danylevych believes that autocephaly for the DNC for years cements the problems in the Ukrainian Orthodoxy.

None of the local Orthodox Churches does not support DNC. The Deputy head of the DECR of the UOC Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich also stressed that in addition to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, no one was on so-called “enthronement” of the Epiphany.

It is reported SPM with reference to the “First Kozatskiy”.

“The so-called “enthronement” was not a single representative of the Local Orthodox Churches except the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which has created this problem. Even those few monks from the Holy Mountain was included in a delegation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and represented the Patriarchate of Constantinople and not the Holy Mountain.”, — said the Archpriest.

Father Nikolay said that the overall position of mount Athos is to not participate in this event.

In addition the Patriarchate of Constantinople has a lot of pressure both on Mount Athos and many of the local Orthodox Churches to force them to accept ptsu.

However, to no avail.

“There is no result and it is obvious that the Patriarchate of Constantinople overestimated their strength and influence in the Orthodox world. Everyone understands that begins the split and who will support the Patriarchate of Constantinople, one is further complicit in further division”, — said the speaker of the UOC.

He also recalled that among all the local Orthodox Churches three churches just said that to admit the DNC will not: this Polish, Serbian and Antiochian Churches.

Such statements, according to the Archpriest, in less categorical terms sound and other Orthodox Churches.

“None of the local Churches does not want to take part in these adventures. No Local Orthodox Church that would like to fully support. There is a lot of pressure from the secular state forces on individual Local Orthodox Churches to recognize this structure. However, thank God, the Local Church don’t want to break the unity of Orthodoxy”, — said Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich.

The “enthronement” of the Epiphany raises a few questions. If you compare it with the enthronement of his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry, you can see quite significant differences.

So, the “enthronement” of the head of the DNC was present in the majority of the political elite of the country.

“If you compare “the enthronement,” which was held last week with the enthronement of his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry, the difference is very striking, since the enthronement of his Beatitude were representatives of almost all local Orthodox Churches. 13 representatives of the local Churches was in 2014″, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the UOC Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich.

The merge could take place, but by repentance of dissenters, and not with the help of autocephaly from Fanara.

O. Nicholas believes that autocephaly “cement problem” in the religious life of the country for many years.

“It would be right if it was done through repentance Raskolnikov if they are returned to us. We would first restored, and then would autocephaly. The so-called autocephaly, which is now cements the division, which is now and cement problems, seizures temples, the expulsion of our faithful from their churches, is the separation of people at the village level, families, streets, that’s what cements for many years”, — said the speaker of the UOC.

Previously, the religious community in Vinnytsia region began to prepare a statement to the police officials, lobbying for ptsu.

The SPM also wrote that the Serbian Church stated that it does not recognize the autocephaly of the ptsu.

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