The ban on face-covering headgear in force in Denmark – Your Bible

A ban on the wearing in public places face-covering headgear comes into force in Denmark on 1 August, RIA Novosti reported citing the website of the Ministry of justice.

Relevant changes to the law were made after approval of the amendments by Parliament in late may of this year, says the gospel.

As examples of hats that fully cover the face, are called, in particular, the niqab, the veil, the burka, and Balaclava, leaving open only the eyes and mouth. Violation of the ban the first time is proposed to punish by a fine of one thousand Danish kroner (134 euros), the maximum penalty can be up to 10 thousand kroons (1 EUR 342) at repeated violation. Among the exceptions that do not fall under the ban, called the masquerade, the workers masks and hats that protect the face in cold weather.

The law has caused intense debate among politicians in Denmark and even differences among members of the government. Approved by Parliament, the amendments provoked criticism and the Danish organization Amnesty International. In the commentary of the organization, published immediately after the voting of MPs, the ban has been called “the unnecessary and serious interference with the right to private life and freedom of religion,” and also contrary to the Danish tradition.

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