The believers of the village of Vaslovivtsi denied reports about transition communities in ptsu

– Prayer at the Holy Dormition temple in the village of Vaslovivtsi

Parishioners of the Holy Dormition Cathedral of Vaslovivtsi the fifth day pray for peace in Ukraine and in his village and loyal to the UOC.

In the village of Vaslovivtsi, Zastavna district, Chernivtsi region, the parishioners of the Holy Dormition Church of the fifth day read Psalm Incessantly for peace in Ukraine and in his village. Believers denied the false information about the transition to the dissenters, and remain faithful to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

According to locals, people go to the temple and day and night: who is praying who brings the tea, coffee, makes sandwiches. “Without coercion, around the clock, changing each other in the Church, parishioners really feel that they are a religious community of the Church” – says the source of SPM.

On 29 January, the Diocesan Council Chernivtsi eparchy of the UOC sent to President Petro Poroshenko and 11 representatives of different levels of government demand to stop illegal actions against the Church. Chairman Zastavnovsky RGA promised the clergy and faithful to maintain the pressure of the authorities and asked to inform him about the violation of the laws.

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