The bell tower of the Moscow Church of the beheading of John the Baptist in a government Settlement transferred to the Church


Issued by the Department of city property of Moscow of August 20, 2018 No. 270469 on the transfer of property in the Church of the object of cultural heritage of Federal value “the Bell tower of the Church of St. John the Baptist in a government settlement, 1772,” and the identified object of cultural heritage “the House of the temple of John the Baptist in state Sloboda”, located at: Moscow, Pokrovka str., 50/2, p. 17 and p. 8, reports the website of the Financial management of the ROC.

Local religious organization Orthodox parish of the Church of the Resurrection in Barashakh mountains. Of Moscow Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

About the temple

Palamarchuk P. G. “forty times Forty”, vol. 2: “Moscow in the Garden ring”, Moscow, 1994, p. 371-372

Church of the beheading of John the Baptist in state Sloboda

Zemlyanoy Val, 2 (the temple), Pokrovka, 50 (bell)

“It is listed ruznych books — therefore, the temple was founded before the Romanovs. The stone is known since 1620, the Chapel of St. Nicholas known since 1722, In February 1760, the second consecrated the chapel of Dimitry of Rostov, hosted by the merchant to Grandma’s. In 1770-1772 built the current bell tower and a refectory with two aisles. In 1794 dismantled the old Church and began to build a new project of the architect M. F. Kazakov, was consecrated on 25 August 1801, He is quite well preserved until the destruction and represented a magnificent example of architecture of the XVIII century”.


“Monumental rusticated in all heights of walls and a huge round the altar ledge, just borrowed from Novgorod and old churches, living the dream artist of the classical period about giant Ghost architecture”.

A free-standing bell tower we conditionally considered for one throne, as after the destruction of the temple, it remained the only carrier of the cross-structure surviving from it.

“The Treasury settlement was on the right side of the St, it kept the various Imperial possessions. At the end of the road on the right stood the Church of St. John the Baptist. In 1760 the pillars, stone fences that went on Pokrovka, threatened passers-by because of decay. The architect Yakovlev was ordered to inspect and dismantle these pillars. In the twentieth century were demolished and the Church, but the bell tower is supported on both sides by houses, stands till this day.”

The temple is destroyed around 1935 or 1939. In its place, built the house on Zemlyanoy Val, 2, “Book”, which is just where the Church was. “He grew up before the Patriotic war (architect A. G., Turquoize), the second section was to stretch out along the street Chernyshevsky, but the project has not been established to the end.”

“The bell in 1965, — writes M. L. Bogoyavlensky, the dome was stripped, placed inside the engraving workshop. In 1967, the bell tower was painted, put the dome over the grey, the cross was not gilded, he stayed dark.” In 1980, on the ground floor of the bell tower was a female Barber.


… In 1990 in the bell tower still had a manicure, on the wall there was a sign “Monument of architecture”…

By 1995, the bell tower was restored, painted and handed over to the Orthodox parish. In 2001 it was restored bell-tower, with 8 bells weighing from 4 to 530 kg. the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy performed the consecration of the bell tower.

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