The Bible walked on the moon, put on auction in USA

First Bible on the moon was taken by the Americans

Experts estimate the cost of the “moon” of the Bible $50 000.

Miniature Bible, walked on the moon, sell at auction in the United States, reports the Internet-the portal

Scripture was taken to the moon by the crew of the spaceship “Apollo-14”, committed on 5 February 1971 landing on third Earth satellite. A copy of the Bible placed in the center of the monogram, representing a Laurel wreath, surmounted by a cross, in the lower part of which is placed the inscription “the First lunar Bible. Apollo-14”.

According to experts of the auction house Nate D. Sanders Auctions, this rarity may go under the hammer for at least $50 000.

Just aboard the space ship pilots took about 300 copies of miniature Bibles, but only two of them have traces of authenticity, one signed by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and the second leader of the “League praying for the crew of Apollo 14”, priest John Stouton.

Earlier in Israel digitized for online access to the Bible of George Washington.

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