The Bible was translated into a thousand languages of the world

With 7 000 languages in the world to translate the Bible expect by 2025

To translate the Bible into all 7,000 languages in the world plan to 2025.

The translation of the Bible into a thousand languages of the world celebrated in South Sudan, according to “Сhristianpost”.

As noted, this is only a tenth of the currently existing languages.

Thousands of Christians contribute to the work of translation organization, Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Bible has been translated into one-tenth of the world’s languages.

Russ Hersman (Hersman Russ), Director of the U.S. branch of Wycliffe USA, described the consecration of the Bible in a thousand languages in the world, which was the language of nationality calico in South Sudan. “The consecration of the New Testament in the language celico was held in a refugee camp Bidi-Bidi, the second largest refugee camp in the world where today there are more than a quarter of a million people. For these deeply religious people and the transfer was made,” says Hersman.

Currently translations of the Bible another 2,500 of the world’s languages, and many of them are nearing completion, but is still about 1600 languages (22 percent), for which the translation has not even started, according to Hersman.

As reported by PWC, informed the Bible in the Ukrainian language released app for smartphones.

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