The Bishop of the UOC explained that the Scripture says about life after death

Managing the Affairs of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary

In the meantime, we need to look at your life, reflect on and define its goal the struggle with sin, believes Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary.

For the souls of the righteous death is only a means to the attainment of heavenly bliss, said managing Director of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) to “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”.

“From Scripture we know that the world of the heavenly powers are divided into two diametrically opposed camps. On the one hand, the Holy Angels who continually worship God and have attained such perfection of love for the Creator, being unable to turn away from Him. On the other hand, the power that envy had fallen away from God and all his qualities of mind and will directed on hatred and the destruction of the crown of creation – human,” stressed the Hierarch.

According to him, “all these spirits are incorporeal and therefore not amenable to the sight of our bodily eyes. But everything changes when death separates soul and body. Our soul, being akin in nature with angels, after death comes into direct contact with them.”

The Lord explains: “About supernatural reality clearly show narrative about the ordeal. The ordeal is the trial of God over the soul immediately after death. First of all, this anger is the devil trying to use all the known machinations of one and the same purpose – to destroy the soul. However, the trials reflect the state of the soul, bared with the loss of the body.”

“The main driving force of human life are heart desires that people courted and brought. Their desires, most often we sell through flesh. The flesh with its death goes into the ground, but the cravings remain, and the soul is unable to fulfill them, feeling this unbearable pain.” – says Metropolitan Anthony.

He said: the souls of the righteous, the souls of Christians who have died in repentance, the power of the Church prayers overcome the ordeal.

“While there is time, we need to look at your life, reflect on and define its goal the struggle with sin, the acquisition of virtues and the main commandments of the Lord – the commandment of love. Then death becomes only a means to the attainment of heavenly bliss” – called in conclusion, the Bishop.

Informed Metropolitan Anthony explained how the Church is playing with death on the Network and gave advice on how to win thoughts of suicide.

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