The bishops urged US to resign because of the report on sexual violence

All the bishops of the United States urged to resign

All the bishops of the United States should follow the example of the Chilean bishops and resign believes the American public.

More than 140 scholars, educators and lay people issued an appeal urging all U.S. bishops to resign, according to National Catholic Reporter.

The Catholic bishops should follow the example of the 34 bishops of Chile, who resigned in may this year after a public scandal with allegations of priests ‘ sexual violence against children. The authors believe that such a gesture would be a public act of repentance and “voluntary renunciation of earthly status.”

“Only then can begin the painful work of healing, the statement reads. – We are sick of the conspiracy of silence of the bishops, who used the wounds of the victims in self-defense and saving power. It is clear that the complicity of the powers that allowed this radical evil with impunity to flourish.”

Acknowledging that some bishops are “humble servants and pastors with good intentions”, the authors of the message has urged all bishops to submit their resignation because of “systemic nature of this evil.”

Last week a Grand jury in Pennsylvania issued a report in which evidence of numerous cases of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests, starting with the 50-ies of the last century.

The Vatican issued an official statement in which they strongly condemned sexual crimes committed by priests against children.

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