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“Sometimes that tell you absolutely secular people, is to me very expensive. Many of the recommended books I never would have found, I swear.” We asked the priests to talk about the books that made the strongest impression, maybe something changed their lives. The story of the Archimandrite Savva (Maruko).

Archimandrite Savva (Maruko)

  • Evangelical comics and the Bible “for one night”
  • “Divorce” Lewis – book for understanding faith
  • “This is a very adult book, not for you” mom said
  • “I was a bully from a good family, and became a fervent Christian”
  • Lifetime edition Nabokov and the trail home

Somehow my friend, a philosophy Professor, spoke about the novel by Michel Tournier: “Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar”. He’s so lively and fun talked about the new book that I decided to find it and read it.

In General, I like French writers. Even modern authors are faithful to their elegant style, graceful literature. Sometimes it’s even annoying, they are so graceful.

Michel Tournier – the winner of the Prix Goncourt, bright and perfect for the modern postmodernist. The novel “Kaspar, Melchior and Balthasar” so well written that the book just believe, even if the idea of it is not quite deep.

Michel Tournier

Tournier tells the story of three wise men (Asian, African and European) who followed the star of Bethlehem to the birthplace of the Saviour, adding that the plot of the story of the fourth Magi. Of course, this is fantasy of the author, but I confess, this fourth wise man Taor struck me more than others.

He was an Indian Prince, who all his life devoted to the search for recipes of delicious dishes. I was this close, I like to eat. The Prince was fabulously rich, as may be the rich ruler of the country, famous for its spices. Somehow he’s heard the rumour that appeared in the East, another Cook (as reported by the star), which will surpass his skill of all.

If It opens in the taste of something unheard of before.

“…some of the prophets say that soon will inevitably food of the highest kind, so beautiful that will forever satisfy your hunger, so delicious, that whoever tasted it once, the rest of my days you don’t want no other.”

The Prince immediately forwarded to far a few ships. Deliver their spices, gold, jewels. Wealth for the Prince of nothing, find only the Cook. It is much more important than what he has.

“…in the times about which I am talking, my stomach hungry for food, and the ears, thirst for knowledge, was one, for the same fruit satisfied and he and the other hunger.”

The Prince sails to Palestine. Tournier describes the fantastic story of his adventures, vicissitudes of life of princeway elephant albino… But it turns out that wherever I go, the Prince, he was running late for a meeting with Cook. For an hour, a day, for a month.

Very soon the reader becomes clear: we are talking about Christ. And then the descriptions of the late Indian Prince are never tragically.

So he reached Bethlehem, he has only one transition… For hungry children, which in many meets Prince in Bethlehem, he decided to make a night feast in the pine forest.

However, very young children at the festival to see not ready, because babies can lead only to parents, but it costs extra. Entrance for children up to two years Prince forbids. During the feast suddenly comes the news in the surrounding villages was invaded by the troops of Herod. Soldiers kill babies even at the hands of mothers. Prince tearing their hair, because the death of children happened because of his greed.

Hero continues to be late. He misses the Christ is here, and there, in Bethlehem, in Nazareth, in Egypt. In the end, chasing the Cook the Prince loses all his wealth. Becoming a beggar, forced to work in salt caves near the Dead sea. Now a lover of sweets and Turkish delight so to earn their daily bread. After 30 years of searching, he turns crazy among the ordinary workers and then finds out that the great Cook that he’s been looking at, walking around, preaching, healing. The Prince is once again thrown into the chase.

In His footsteps, step by step, he goes and meets those who have just seen the Divine Chef, recently heard It. He finds the blind man that He healed. Exhausted by looking, at some point the Prince is in a room where just whiled away the evening people. Cook was eating here with His disciples. The Prince finds on the table crumbs and realizes that to continue to go can not, but he did not have. He dies by eating the crumbs from the last supper.

“…And then he staggered but did not fall. Two angels which kept him from the minute he was released, picked it up with their huge wings, the night sky burst open, brightening up the boundless light, and the angels took who were the last, always late, first communed of the Holy Mysteries”.

This Eucharistic image that is presented is so unusual, so brilliantly, absolutely correct intuition, me in this novel absolutely struck. I have not reread this book, but I think that in Christmas, this post should probably. And advise you.

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