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The book is about one of the founders of the Pentecostal movement should be the main outcome of the next phase of the project “Spiritual heritage devotees of the Russian land”. It is planned that in late August, the book will be published.

This reports the Christian megaportal with reference to the press service of Roshi.

Publisher of popular scientific publications will be the Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical faith (Pentecostal). Final work for the presentation, in accessible form, all the collected research material command took over Professor-consultant of the Russian legal Academy, the lawyer of the Moscow city bar Association doctor of law Lev Simkin. The title of my book “Running in the sky” was chosen by the working team along with the editors.

In comments, the project coordinator, head of history and archives Department Helena Kondrashin noted that the book turned out exactly as originally planned. According to one of the main enthusiasts of the project, the book is supposed to reveal five important factors related to the life of Ivan Voronaev as a person and religious figure and the inseparable connection of Evangelical Christians Pentecostals and the Russian state.

Primarily the book will be honest and open. All these facts confirmed by official documents found in the course of the research. “This aspect is quite important, as there are already a few books about Voroneve, but not all of the events documented, it’s more like a tradition”, – said Elena Kondrasheva.

Accessibility and clarity the book has become the second important point when planning the style and theme of the book. The researchers and the author Lev Simkin tried to write a book so that it was interesting to read not only professionals or believers, but also to a wider audience.

The third important point was the need to show that Ivan Voronaev – Russian man with a Russian soul and heart. His contribution to the history of Evangelical movement in Russia is undeniable great. His Ministry ascetic tried to reach out to every heart.

“Voronaev – ascetic, not a hero one moment or event,” – said a fourth aspect of Elena Kondrasheva. The founder of Pentecostal movement in Russia not only brought their lives in sacrifice for their faith, but answering a call from God, every day he served the Lord, sometimes overcoming difficult circumstances. However, he was a man of that happy, that fulfilled God’s will and the Great Commission on earth.

Last but not least point is that the book shows wide and deep intertwining of the fate of the Evangelical Pentecostal Christian with the history of Russia. “These are two inseparable parts of what little is written, so we have done everything possible to show this relationship,” – said in conclusion, the project coordinator Elena Kondrasheva.

The book is about Ivan Voronaev will be one of the main outcomes of the research and educational project “Spiritual heritage devotees of the Russian land”, which is implemented by the means of state support allocated as a grant in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 03.04.2017, No. 93-RP “On ensuring in 2017, the state support of the noncommercial non-governmental organizations involved in the development of civil society institutions, implementing social projects and projects in the sphere of protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen.”

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