The book lingers in me so that I have a doctor’s smock to cassock

“For a long time I kept a few copies of the confessional under the lectern and invited people to take the book… Some thanked him, others were angry” – about your favorite book that has changed the worldview and way of life, says priest John Perevezentsev, the cleric of the Transfiguration Cathedral of Rybinsk.

Priest John Perevezentsev. Photo: Rweek.Ru

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How to treat a patient if the doctor himself is much more sick

My favorite book is not a medical encyclopedia, although occasionally I consult a doctor. And even the gospel was a book much later. The Lord touched me, when in the hands of accidentally got a little brochure.

I then studied at the medical Institute. Was baptized, but the cross is not worn. Baptism cross was hanging somewhere in the house, on a string. And here I am, young and trendy, I bought a new, large, silver cross. Went to the temple to consecrate. Hesitated at the shelves of books. I saw something with the name of the series “the ABC’s of Orthodoxy.” A cheap edition of bad paper was a labor of chiyoumen Sava (Ostapenko). His book was called “the Fruits of true repentance.” I will read.

My life went on as usual. I studied and worked in the hospital, but at the moment when the book fell into the hands of, just come to understand that life is different than it appears on television. Man is much more than just a body. Within it is hidden something that neither eyes to see nor ears to hear. The realization that my perception of the world was wrong, began to move myself in the direction of God.

Then the Lord sent a man: “It is good that you are a future doctor, he said. But I have a question for you: how a doctor may treat a patient if he is much more ill than one that heals?”

I did not just think about the fact that disease lies not in the body. It starts from the inside. And if a person fails to “be there”, “disease” gets out. Here is an ulcer, for example, does not occur by itself in the stomach. We can eat a very meager, irregular, from the point of view of nutrition, food, and our stomach will not suffer, if we are in a quiet, peaceful and blissful state of mind. But we can eat in the best restaurants, awarded Michelin stars, to consume fine foods and drinking expensive drinks, to judge, to envy, to resent, to be angry. And the entire mucosa of our stomach will be riddled with holes, and the body will suffer from pain.

To change the medical robe on the robe resolved soon

I was touched by the poetry of chiyoumen. Especially “the Vision of the Apostle Paul.” There are elements ask God for permission to put a limit to human iniquity mankind itself that defiles the world with sin. But every time the questioning fire, water, air, the Lord says that the time is not yet and He is waiting for repentance.

Abbot Sava (Ostapenko)

Very accessible language Abbot says, for what man comes into the world, what is its purpose, how can there be repentance. I missed it and soon opened the gospel. I realized that the Lord and from me looking for a sincere repentance of those wrongs, in which I dwelt. He is willing to help me to be fulfilled, to improve. I need not doubt that He is a loving heavenly Father who holds my hand. Not to pull his hand, to listen to His gait, to move in that direction, where It leads is all you need.

If the doctor refers the patient only as to the body, which should be treated, if you forget that for a biological object that came with the complaint, is hiding much more than body is a disaster, then the doctor “ended”.

It is more like plumbing, troubleshoot, or mechanic, changing broken parts. However, the man for me and was much more than his sore.

But I began to notice that the bustle and mnogopartiinosti, care about what we need to write the prescription, an appointment, really lose people. Maybe the doctor triggered a defense mechanism when our compassion to push back for the sake that you want to do right now. I realized that this doctor is meant to heal in the fullness of physical and spiritual. Thus began the rebirth of my world perception. The book became the starting point when everything that happens around, I started to take it not through the prism of this world in which we live, but what happens when the world you are.

The book lingers in me so that I reread it several times. To change medical gown for cassock dared not soon, but when it happened, I realized: I want to share the book with those who are moving towards spiritual growth as I am.

Some came to thank others resented

By the time the brochure has ceased to publish. Under the same title and authorship out other works of chiyoumen with other content. And then, the blessing of the Lord and with the permission of the Abbot of the Pskov caves monastery, we re-released it in Rybinsk. The drawing was made quite large – 40 thousand copies.

For a long time I kept a few copies of the confessional under the lectern and offered to people. Said, if to finish will not work, you can return, if you fall on the heart – to keep or to pass on. Some came to thank others were indignant: “how can such a principles to live by?”

Really, it seems impossible to apply in life the fullness of the gospel of perfection to which Christ calls.

As if you have only two clothes, just one to keep? Like, going on a trip, not to worry about anything: not collect any copper in his pocket, no food in reserve? How can you betray yourself into the hands of detractors and spiteful critics? How silently, nothing answering blow on one cheek, turn the other? Yes, it’s not easy.

But we know that the saints became saints not in the moment when he embraced Evangelical truth as the truth, and when his own life embodies it in his words and actions. When we started with the simple bodily abstinence and limiting myself in food when I was in constant prayer. When the human heart is looking for the height of the feat, it begins to move towards the likeness of God.

For most Orthodox Christians, all these monastic feats seem to be something impossibly difficult. But the monk is a little different from a layman. Except that gives vows to God, promising to be nestyazhateli, to remain in obedience, to refrain from marriage. Throughout the rest of gospel truth applies to the layperson as well as the monk. We can live in the world as in a monastery, in obedience, kindness and gentleness, or in the monastery to look over the fence and argue with everyone. To follow the commandments difficult, but not because God is not ready to give strength to the person, but because internally the person is not ready to bear hardships.

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