The book that saved my life

The whole Bible is a revelation of the glory of God in Christ. Adopted by faith and obedience, it brings physical, mental and spiritual capacity, and directs life along the right path. To read and understand it can anyone whose heart has suddenly opened to God. An example of this is the experience of Vladimir vladykina. In the past he was addicted to alcohol, rioted and destroyed religious literature, which was read by his wife. But through the prayers of his wife he began to show interest in the Word of God. Since that time the Lord began to change his life.

I am a professional driver. With my wife we’ve lived for many years. Much has been during this time. All we had, but something was missing, and I drank and drank and drank. The wife began to show a lot of illnesses, her husband’s a drunk… She began to go to Church, and had prayed for three years about me: “Just not drinking, but not killed”. When you’ve got a sledgehammer demolish the stove and burn the books, life threatening danger. By the end of the third year the wife broke down and went for consultation to the Minister with a question: is it worth it to continue to live with such a man? The pastor gave her this advice: “If your life is in danger if you do everything for the salvation of my husband and the father of your children, you can leave.” On the way home she decided and told God, “Okay, Lord, I will try to save him.” I admire your wife! When she did, the Lord worked in my heart.

I have night insomnia. I read all your books and the neighborhood, leaving only a shelf of religious literature. I was attracted by the book in a red cover. I got it, opened it, and saw an interesting title: “the New age versus the gospel.” Interested in the idea that in addition to me there are still people who are against the gospel. However, I read it without much interest, but at the end of the book was a parable, that touched me: “we Built the pool king, put the alligators and issued a decree: who can swim across this pool, to my Kingdom or his daughter, a beautiful girl for a wife. No sooner had the decree, as we heard a splash of water, and one man tried to swim across the pool. Crossed. It asks the king: “what is my Kingdom or my daughter beautiful?” To which he replied: “Wait, the king, first I find out who pushed me there””.

I first realized who I was in the pool with bottles of vodka and pushed. I went in the spare room, where they often prayed for my wife, knelt and said to God: “If You exist, help me, please, the last alcoholic to quit drinking”. The room suddenly became bright. I jumped out, slammed the door and got her. “What was that?” — I think. Hair stood on end, I looked, and lay down on the sofa and was instantly asleep. Woke up and the hangover, no, nothing hurts. I think, really the Lord is? Me this discovery was so happy that power came. I was ready with no hands in the van of the car to drop, as in his youth.

Since then I decided every day to study the Bible. However, at first could not understand the meaning of reading. Found a book with illustrations — pictures and bottom of the biblical texts. Read, look at the picture and wonder how the author is well and understandable written. Then I wondered if the Scripture says so. Opened up the Bible and checked. So, gradually I learned to read the Scripture. I stopped drinking, was with his wife to attend Church. Since then, as I believed God and began to study His Word, life began to change. Praise the Lord for freedom!

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