The boy’s mother out of the house looking across the country – but is it possible to return her son

A woman who left polutorogodovalogo the child on the Playground in suburban Shchelkovo, returned to Moscow and wants to take it from the temporary family. The desire seems absurd, and the very blood his mother was a criminal, but not so simple, experts say.

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She Granichak, woman, in October of this year left on the Playground year-old son Sergei, said he wants to pick him up from the foster family. This was announced by the Commissioner for children’s rights in Moscow region Ksenia Mironova on his Facebook page. She wrote an emotional post in which he called on the public and the media to prevent the boy was the biological mother.

Earlier on, she served the court for “leaving in danger” and “default of duties on education of minors” it is fined on 40 thousand roubles. The question on deprivation of parental rights will be solved on the second court hearing on January 21.

For us, this decision is tantamount to justification, – commented Mironova. – To influence the court, I can’t, can’t and to challenge his decisions in the framework of their powers. I went to the Prosecutor’s office of Moscow region with the request to protect the child. In the interests of the boy to stay in foster care. Now our main task – to do everything possible not to injure it again. I think testing on its share has fallen enough.

Abandoned boy found at a house entrance in Sochi on October 14 of this year. She Granichak probably left it on the Playground, and in the evening someone started the boy in the doorway, he froze. The first alarm sounded the inhabitant of the house Lyudmila. Later it joined the group of concerned neighbors. People tried to find the child’s parents. It was obvious that the boy was “home”: wearing clean, calling my mom. Sergei was taken to the hospital and after 10 days gave a temporary family. Later, the guardian Alevtina told that the child has a good, calm, cheerful, and adaptation in a large family where already brought up four children as vested, and foster, is successful.

By this time law enforcement bodies managed to establish the identity of the mother. Tatyana Grinchuk detained October 24 at Paveletsky station. She told me that she left her son in the street deliberately, because of the difficult financial situation. The woman arrived on earnings from Ukraine, but have been unable to find work. Serezha was born in the suburbs. In the column “father” pass there, but his identity and whereabouts unknown. “Freed” from a child, Tatyana has gone to Saratov, to a friend.

During the interrogation, Hryniak, which already has two previous convictions, admitted that he went to Moscow “to surrender.” Now that the punishment was limited to fines, she still hopes to return to France. To help educate the boy she allegedly promised aunt from the Irkutsk region.

The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that the guardianship was placed Sergei in the resource family that is temporary. At least it says so in the documents.

Resource the family is the family that is ready to different developments, — said earlier in an interview with Ksenia Mironova. — Still we hope that he has relatives who want to pick it up. In such cases, the child is placed in a resource family, such people who are willing, if you come with family, breaking up with him. To avoid touching of the conflict situation, chose this family, which, of course, can be and blood, and reception.

Unfortunately, to date such a delicate, painful situation in which the dispute arises, where to live the child – blood, a foster family or with relatives, do not have clear mechanism to address and in fact are given at the discretion of the guardianship or the court if the case went to trial, explains “Pravmiru” Elena Alshanskaya, the head of the charity Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans”. – There are no specialists who could assess the situation and help people who have child grows or grew before, to agree among themselves. The most important thing in such difficult situations is to act in the best interests of the child. But in the interests of the child to preserve as much communication with the blood family, except situations when the child is in imminent danger.

Ideally, there should be a national service of professionals who will be able to conduct mediation, communication between birthparents and adoptive families, so that they could negotiate in the interests of the child. We fully believe that communication between the two parties should not be directly because it is almost always very tense, conflict situations, to include specialists, psychologists.

But while this system is not. Many disputes between relatives are solved badly, and with the retraction of the child in the conflict that hit in the first place himself. Experts must explain to the adoptive or natural parents that you need to the child, taking into account its attachment and psychological characteristics. Sometimes help in this NGO, non-profit mediation services, but these are isolated cases.

Our position is that even if the mother is deprived or restricted of parental rights, still it would be nice if mediation services could help to support them with a child bond. But most often we have going on so that if the mother is deprived of parental rights, she is more the child sees. Of course, all situations are very different, and is such that to communicate with the blood mother simply unsafe. Each case should be deeply investigated.

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