The brethren of the Pochaev Lavra of the decision of the Ministry of justice: This is another attempt to turn the Shrine into a Museum


The brethren of the Holy Dormition Pochaev Lavra sent a letter in connection with the decision of the Commission of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine to cancel the registration of the contract for right of use of buildings of the monastery. Reported Information-enlightenment Department of the UOC.

“We are talking about the place of residence 50 200 monks and novices – people who have renounced the world and his whole life was devoted to the service of God,” the statement says.

“It is worth noting that since 2000 this is the third attempt to turn the Shrine into a Museum,” pay attention in the monastery.

The brethren also reports that in a short period of time prosecutors have filed several baseless criminal cases.

“We have to state that, presently, the current Ukrainian government, have embarked on seizure of property from the Pochayiv monastery and transfer it novoobrazovany Church organization, and as a consequence, the destruction of monasticism in Western Ukraine”, — summarized in the appeal.

Besides, purposeful work to discredit the monks of the Lavra is a long time with the help of controlled media. “The rhetoric of power for 100 years has not changed: the inhabitants laurels left for them “accomplices of counter-revolution”,” while the current government is using Communist methods of dealing with the Orthodox Church.


Monks of the Shrine asking for prayer to support the convent.

“With sadness in my heart turning to You with a request to strengthen the prayer vigil for Peace and unity of the faithful in the bosom of the canonical Church”.

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