The canadian bishops were outraged by the legalization of cannabis in the country

Many young people in Canada enthusiastically embraced the legalization of marijuana

The Catholic bishops of Canada issued a formal statement in which he criticized the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

Clerics feel justified hopes of the government that it will help to better control the production, trafficking and consumption of cannabis, according to Vatican News.

The statement said that marijuana causes great harm to both society and the physical, mental and emotional health.

The bishops noted that the use of cannabis leads to addiction, depression, anxiety, psychosis and impaired brain development and lung problems such as asthma and emphysema. The statement stressed that the youth of Canada ranks first in the world among developed countries in the use of marijuana.

“There will always be social disasters that are difficult to eradicate, write the bishops, but the answer is, of course, cannot be to give up, justifying or legalizing them. A massive increase in cannabis use due to legalization will not lead to the creation of a more just and more humane society, and will only aggravate or multiply already common in society problems such as mental illness, crime, unemployment, family breakdown, injuries and deaths on the roads, increased passion for “heavy” drugs and the problems associated with the overdose.”

After the debate, which took place on 19 June, the canadian Senate voted in favor of the law, which will allow you to sell, use and grow at home limited number of cannabis plants. Canada became the first among G7 countries, which have legalized marijuana.

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