The case, which legalized abortion in the United States, may be revised

Democrats opposing the appointment of Brett Cavanaugh to the position of judge of the Supreme court, argue that at stake is the right to abortion. But what if the case, which legalized abortion, will be revised?

If the Supreme court overturned the decision in the case “ROE V. Wade” the legal control of abortion back to the States and will be a new set of laws. In four States — North and South Dakotas, Mississippi and Louisiana — abortion will be automatically banned. In nine other States that had bans on abortion prior to “ROE”, they are likely to again become law. And in eight States abortion will remain legal. If the control will return to the States, it will coincide with a growing number of Americans who say they are “for life”. Besides, currently the Republicans take more seats in state legislatures across the country. So, if the events of the last decades have at least some weight, this may indicate the emergence of new laws in defense of life.

“Since 2011, every year seems to be about 60 bills in defense of life, which are then accepted and become law,” said Catherine Glenn foster, “Americans United for life.”

A number of these laws passed by States has already been challenged in the courts, and this is likely to be the mechanism that would return abortion to the order of the Supreme court.

“The appearance of the case, based on one or another of these state laws, the court can reconsider the issue of abortion in America and can say, that in fact no such right. Moreover, in the case of “ROE” was a very weak argument,” says Catherine Glenn foster.

According to Catherine Glenn foster, so she was confident that a decision on “ROE” will be canceled. It is only a matter of time.

“We expect that the next judge will focus on the Constitution, its original meaning and the original intent of the founding fathers, and the text of the document when we make such important decisions, life-changing our country,” continues foster.

Therefore, even if the decision in the case “ROE V. Wade” will be canceled, the legal battle over abortion will continue.

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