The Catholic Church covered up evidence of a sex scandal

Sex scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church, continues to grow. The latest news came from Pennsylvania: the attorney General stated that the Church was hiding evidence from the police and parishioners. The charges of the coverup goes right up to the Vatican. The scandal has caused anger among ordinary Catholics, who demanded that the Church clean your house.

The statement, which was signed more than three thousand Catholic bishops encourages US to collectively resign from their posts “as a sign of public repentance before God and God’s people.” The open letter came after an incredible meeting of the jury, the shock wave from reaching the top.

“They learned not only about the fact that many raped children, but that these things were systematically covered. And the path leads to the Vatican,” — says the attorney-General of Pennsylvania John Shapiro.

The Pennsylvania case involved thousands of victims and hundreds of priests. The attorney General accuses the Church of deliberately concealing evidence from parishioners and police.

“I’m glad law enforcement took over the case. It was bound to happen. We only need to pay attention to it, work and pray for this reform,” said father Frank Pavone of “Priests for life”. He was glad that changes are coming and crimes come to light.

The Vatican responded to the statements of the attorney General, telling CNN: “If the Prosecutor says something that is beyond the scope of the report, we want to see this before giving comments.”

In addition, last week, accused of harboring the Pope. Archbishop Carlo Vigano, the former papal Nuncio, published a message on the 11 pages, in which he called Pope Francis to leave his post. Wigan claims that Francis warned about the disgraced former Archbishop of Washington Theodore Macherie in 2013, but Francis did not do anything with it. Father Pavone looks at this statement with caution.

“Before proceeding to make decisions regarding this issue, you need to understand what is happening. All in the mind ask the same questions: “Who knew what and when? What they did or did not do and why?” says father Frank Pavone.

Some have questioned the motives of Vigan, knowing that he is an open critic of the Pope. All this is happening while news of a split between those who support the Pope, and among conservative Catholics.

During a recent trip to Ireland, Pope Francis apologized for sexual abuse that shook the Catholic Church. But the right has decided to assert itself. It was expected that the papal mass will come over half a million people, but it’s only 130 thousand.

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