The characters of the media project “for the Homeless. The release of” looking for a job and build relationships with people


Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” and RIA “Novosti” continue social media experiment, which involved four wards of the center of assistance to the homeless “the Hangar of salvation”, reports the Synodal Department for Church relations with society and the media.

Heroes of the project “Homeless. Exit” is the members of “Hostel”, which last year implemented “Charity”. For participants of the program in the first place, renting a room in the hostel and start with them system work. Living on the street, people are not just losing social connections, but loses the ability to set goals and achieve them. Therefore, officers in conjunction with the psychologist weekly meetings with program participants, give them the job, learn to solve problems. Ideally, the participants of the program “Hostel” got to find a place to live, though removable, to reconnect with family and find work.

In the first episode each of the characters projects have received the task: for example, homeless Alex S. has until January to restore the documents, to get a job and take courses in computer literacy. For the first 2 weeks of the experiment, Alex could not put in the passport a stamp about registration (it owns the room in which it cannot live) and refused to go to the first lesson of the course.

Homeless Ruslan did not interview for the position of courier, which greatly demotivate him. In addition to job search, a job for Ruslan, the task was to ask someone on a date.

The third participant of the experiment, Alex H. got a job … got a job as a longshoreman.

Fourth, Paul decided to quit his job, which he does not like and support interaction with a social worker Tatyana.

“We know our students, including their weaknesses, and are very grateful for their courage, for that they are ready to show your life,
to change the attitude of society towards the homeless. Unfortunately, about a homeless man, no one thinks, as a person, nobody thinks that he needs to eat and get warm,” — said the head of the charity programs of the service “Mercy” Irina Meshkova.

Multimedia project “Homeless. Exit” will last several months. During this time four homeless heroes will receive tasks from staff members of the service “Mercy”, and from journalists. To comment on the events will be the service specialists “Mercy”, working with the homeless, and the psychologist involved in the program.

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Service for homeless and “the Hangar of salvation” — projects to help homeless service “Mercy”. In the “Hangar” homeless can obtain urgent help: keep warm in a heated tent, eat, take a shower, get clean clothes and first aid. Social workers help to restore the documents, to get in the shelters, contact the family, buy tickets home. There are also mini-programs to return homeless to the society — “Labor camp”, “Hostel” and “Farm”.

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