The Chinese authorities are adopting new ways of pressure on Christian children

The Chinese government continues to struggle over the worldview of students

The government of China decided to conduct a survey among students to find out their religion.

In the Chinese province of Zhejiang, the children were given a questionnaire with questions about religion. Many believe that the authorities thus want to identify Christians and to pressure them, reports The Christian Post.

The human rights organization World Watch Monitor said the fact that questionnaires were distributed to children, not their parents.

“The state funds schools and impose Communist ideology emphasized in the organization. Children of Christians often become objects of ridicule. This is to ensure that they have not joined the Communist youth Union and have not received the benefits that the party would give further life”.

In schools, which conducted the survey, the teachers demanded that the students-the Christians copied the questionnaire, replacing “Christianity” in the column of religion the answer is “no religion.”

“It was verbal pressure, – the newspaper notes. It seems that teachers are instructed to infringe upon Christian children, separating them from other students. By showing the consequences of what it means to talk about faith and being a Christian at school. According to them, it’s all for the benefit of the child, and in order to prevent the spread of Christianity among young people through evangelism”.

Parents fear that the pressure on children can lead to the fact that they want to renounce their faith.

We will remind, earlier in the same province fight for the Outlook of the youth came to that school administrators began to visit workplaces of Christians with the requirement to abandon the faith. In some cases, Christian employees reduced wages.

As reported by PWC, China is one of the most hostile countries for Christians. The government has repeatedly stated that atheism is a part of government policy. In accordance with Chinese law, “the state separates the school from religion; no organization or person can not use religion to conduct activities that may be in conflict with the education system.”

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