Asian cuisine is one of the fastest growing in the world. Less than 20 years, the number of Asian restaurants has increased almost six times. But the secret of growing a food business is not just fancy recipes. The owner of a popular Chinese chain restaurants grateful to Jesus for success.

At six o’clock in the morning the day of Peter Chung has already begun. The kitchen is full of vegetables and energy. Zhang Peng Liang, also known as Peter Chang, has made a name for himself from Washington to Maryland and Virginia. But he says that when he first came to the United States, it was just a little fish in a big pond.

“When I came to the US in 2001, I was so young. I wanted to open my own restaurant. I was so jealous about it, but I knew all I can do now is be patient and learn from others,” says Peter Chang.

Hardworking Chang constantly practiced their skills and learned from leading chefs in this field. He loved to cook.

“I’m always looking for ways to improve in cooking. That’s all I know. To earn a living and improve their lives in the United States, I had to work hard. This is the Chinese spirit,” he says.

For Chung cooking is an art form. In 2011, he successfully opened his first restaurant and named it “Peter Chang”. The quality of food and service are the Foundation of its business. Meanwhile, Chang is adding a new menu of authentic Chinese dishes to attract more customers. Eventually the business became so popular that even the former President of China visited the restaurant Changa.

In 2016, Chang was nominated for the prestigious award among the chefs – the James beard Foundation. Today, Chang more than ten restaurants to offer customers more than just food.

“I was a chef for 30 years. And I want to introduce people to Chinese culture. Food – the best way to achieve this. When people come to my restaurant, I want them to feel comfortable. They’re like my family, and I hope they will appreciate our efforts,” he says.

Peter Chang is today – a successful restaurant business owner. In addition, he is a believer. When he was asked about faith, he replied that he was very grateful for what he taught Bible and Church.

“I am always moved by what I was taught in the Church, especially of gratitude. I’m still learning and searching, reading the Bible. The words of Jesus rule my life. As a sinner, I must obey and be humble,” says Peter Chang.

Chang tries to teach its employees the same principle. The Scriptures are very important to him.

“Chang is a good man. He is honest and patiently teaches us many useful things. He never allows us to forget the importance of gratitude. I love working with him,” says a restaurant employee Chang Wei Zhang.

Peter Chang planning to open new restaurants in other States. First, in new York. He wants more Americans fell in love with Chinese cuisine and Chinese culture. And more importantly, he believes that the Lord will continue to guide it to greater success.

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