In recent weeks the Israelis are subjected to terrifying attacks by Palestinian terrorists, but even in hard times, Israelis know how important it is to remember that life goes on. This week in Jerusalem visited the Christian choir “the Singing men of Georgia”, to give people hope and peace during a storm.

One hundred and fifty members of the choir visited the Holy Land, to encourage its inhabitants to their performance.

“The purpose of our tour is to bring a message of hope, peace, love of Christ the Holy Land and giving concerts in Nazareth and, of course, here in Jerusalem, and in Bethlehem, where in the last days of restless,” says the choirmaster John Duncan.

Concert at the Museum “Tower of David”, where men sang about God’s love, faithfulness and forgiveness.

“All week we experienced something incredible, and tonight was the perfect completion,” says timpanist Tom Barter.

These worship leaders leave their local Church 10-12 times a year to speak at concerts. With them they brought family and friends, who are not afraid of wave of violence.

“I was a little worried a few months ago, when we were planning the trip. But even knowing about the situation of the past few weeks, we feel safe here, like no other place on earth, because today, God has called us here,” says Terry butcher.

And they say that it is a positive experience: “We had a great time. Everyone was very kind to us. As soon as I return home, I’m going to wait to go back. We love Israel. We love the Jewish people. And we, Christians, support Israel. We support the Jews, and we love them,” shares Doreta Vaan.

Caroline Shapiro-Weiss, Manager of public relations “Tower of David”, was delighted with the concert: “What a wonderful evening of singing, praise and prayers gave us the “Singing men of Georgia!” Despite these adverse conditions, they, I would say, prematurely brought to Jerusalem for Christmas,” says Caroline.

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