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Adventist choir the Aeolians this summer received the highest rating at the choir competition in South Africa.

The Aeolians choir of Oakwood University has achieved the highest scores in two categories, winning the tenth world Choral Competition, held this year in Tshwane, South Africa. Competing in the categories of “Spirituality”, “Contemporary music”, “University and College”, the Aeolians have performed better than 14 other choirs from around the world with the highest score in two of the three categories. The team also won three gold medals, two of which were champion at the biennial event, reports the Christian megaportal with reference to and Adventist Review.

The members of the choirs, invited this year, musicians from across Africa and Europe, as well as from Singapore, Indonesia, Argentina and the United States.

Organizers first held the world’s largest choir competition on the African continent, and the city of Tshwane was the city-host of the competition. This year, the thirtieth year of the competition, on the performances, which lasted 11 days, the Aeolians repeated their victory with gold medals at the World choir competition 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

“To the glory of God we are pleased to note the hard work, the sacrifices of the Aeolians and their management, — said the President of Oakwood University Leslie Pollard. The Aeolians represent the treasure of our Church of seventh-day Adventists, Huntsville, Alabama and our United States of America.”

The Pollard had words of gratitude for all who had to do with the success of the school choir.

“Congratulations to the leading of the choir, Jason Ferdinand, our music Ministry Department, and especially our dedicated students who make up this world-famous group, he said. — Touring with them in South Africa last week, has clearly been visible to the news — University of Oakwood is all about perfection!”

Oakwood University, a historically institution of higher education of black seventh-day Adventists, offering quality Christian education, said school leaders.

“[Oakwood] pays special attention to academic improvement, promotes harmonious development of mind, body and spirit and prepares leaders in service to God and humanity,” they said.

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