The choir sisters of St. Elisabeth convent of Minsk will perform charity concerts in England


From 29 September to 7 October, the choir of the sisters of St Elisabeth convent will visit the United Kingdom with a final tour program “Sing unto the Lord, all the earth!”.

The first concerts will be held in London. Thus, on September 30 the sisters will be singing in worship in the Church of St. Nicholas (the service are made at the address: 78 Bishopsgate St.). At the conclusion of the Liturgy will be a concert. Sisters will present the concert in other cities of England: Colchester, Peterborough, Oxford.


A series of charity concerts in support of social activities of the Monastery is not for the first time. So, in July of this year, the sisters visited the town of East Cowes (Wight). Here they took part in the solemn events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Romanov family. In 2017, held a concert tour of the choir in London in the framework of the festival “From heart to heart.”

The concert program consists of 2 branches: Church chants and spiritual songs. Part of the works to be carried out, taken from the repertoire of the Festive choir of St Elisabeth convent, the Regent of which is a nun Juliania (Denisova). Harmonization performed in the framework of the tour songs were made mon. Juliana especially for the ensemble sisters.



All donations collected during the concerts and fairs after them, will be used to support and develop social projects of St Elisabeth convent.

The sisters take care of a few orphanages, hospitals, psychoneurological hospitals, TB clinic. The monastery organized two farmsteads (male and female) where you provide shelter, food and the opportunity to return to a normal life of people lost their homes, released from prison, suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

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