When a disaster happens like a hurricane “Harvey” mobilized Christian humanitarian organizations and churches to assist victims and care. Organization of CBN’s “Operation blessing” helps Texans since as soon as the hurricane “Harvey” hit the state. This assistance gives victims much-needed hope.

To show the love of Jesus through food and other necessities as well as clothes and shoes — that aims to make “Operation blessing”.

“I searched and searched! I tried for days to find some food. And finally I found food for the first time in these days. I am so grateful to you for that. Thank you very much for everything you did!” — thanks affected by hurricane Mary Fisher.

Mary Fisher attempted to escape from a hurricane in a mobile home with her three grandchildren after Saturday night had flooded her house on the coast of Texas. The woman says that without charity “Operation blessing”, they would have nothing to eat. Such scenes can now be seen throughout the state of Texas.

“There are no other resources here. This is the truck that you drove, as well as food and clothing, which brought other people were literally the salvation of the inhabitants of this district,” says Lasound Lambert of the Christian center “the abundant Life”.

“Words can not describe the suffering of some of these people. We saw entire families that cried all the time. So we are so happy now, knowing that these people help arrived,” says pastor Walter Hallam, Christian center the “abundant Life”.

Working with local churches, “Operation blessing” continues to send here food trucks — along with hope for the victims of the hurricane “Harvey”.

“It’s truly Christian compassion in action. You often hear about him, but not often see it. But today it is very evident here,” says bill Horan, President of the organization “Operation blessing”.

“Operation blessing” is valid in the most affected cities from Rockport, where it destroyed entire neighborhoods, to taffeta, where hundreds of citizens were lined up for drinking water.

“Many people have experienced great suffering. Many children in a state of shock. But these people come here and receive humanitarian assistance. We pray with them, we show them the love of Jesus, we encourage them and encourage them to develop a personal relationship with the Lord,” says Dale Moore, the First Baptist Church of Taft.

“Thanks to “Operation blessing” we have become stronger in everything: in love, in faith, in everything. I would infinitely say thank you, but I will not be able to fully Express my gratitude,” — says a resident of the city of Taft, Sylvia RETA.

All of these families leave home with food, as well as a better understanding of the love of Jesus and what it means to serve the people.

Learn how to help the Ministry “Operation blessing”, you can on the website

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